An immigrant-turned-citizen told Biden what MAGA is truly about and destroyed his anti-American narrative

Joe Biden seems to be willingly destroying any chance at a Democrat victory this fall.

In his latest speech, he further pushed for division amongst his fellow citizens.

But an immigrant-turned-citizen told Biden what MAGA is truly about and destroyed his anti-American narrative.

MAGA is built on “faith” and “principles” worth fighting for

Just hours after Biden’s infamous speech, a user took to TikTok called out Biden.

Introducing himself he said, “My name is Alma Apari. I am a person of faith, a husband of 16 years, and father of four wonderful children. I am also an immigrant to the United States of America . . . After 18 years of waiting and hoping, I was finally granted the privilege of becoming an American citizen in 2021.”

He described himself as a “proud American, a law-abiding patriot, and a man willing to defend the principles and values that made America great and brought people like me here.”

This is what makes MAGA patriots so strong. 

Law-abiding family men with generational faith.

Fighting to restore the promise to “this once great shining city on a hill” for his children

Directly addressing Biden, he went on, “Mr. President, I am also a conservative Republican or what you have recently labeled a ‘MAGA Republican.’ Over the last few days, you have looked into the camera and called me and millions of other people like me ‘extremists.’”

Then he compares the US to his home country, “I was born in a country where my rights weren’t always guaranteed and to hear . . . the leader of the Free World dismiss . . . own countrymen as fringe and extreme . . . makes me wonder what I should tell my children about the future of this once great shining city on a hill.”

He continued, “. . . many of us embrace [MAGA] . . . because we believe our great nation is under a moral, fiscal, and spiritual assault. We are MAGA because we want to restore the promise in the hearts of our children . . . we believe in Freedom of speech, the Freedom to exercise our religion . . . limited government and the rule of law . . .”

He asserted that MAGA is best for his children stating, “I am MAGA because I want to look into the eyes of my four black children to assure them that they are not victims, they hold inside them what it takes to achieve anything that they set their heart on.” 

This flies in the face of most Democrat talking points. 

Warning to Biden, don’t make an enemy out of “tens of millions of MAGA Republicans”

He then went on to warn Biden, “As a new American, this November will be the first time I get to exercise my right to vote – a right I have waited nearly two decades to earn. I understand the urge during an election season to attack those you see as political opponents.”

“Millions of us were horrified to witness what happened on January 6 . . . we also see through the attempt to paint all Republicans with a false moniker of insurrectionists . . . the unfounded accusation that we are somehow against democracy,” he added.

Finishing his video he said directly to Biden, “Mr. President, I am not your enemy and the tens of millions of MAGA Republicans are not filled with hate towards anyone. We love this country . . . If you believe in the redemption of America then give my children a reason to hope, a reason to believe that our best days are ahead of us, in spite of the challenges that we face as a country.” 

Americans are uniting in their disgust for the current administration.

This video is not alone in its dismissal of Biden’s speech.

Biden and his cohorts in Congress need to take note of this.

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