An infuriated Florida woman went on an unhinged rampage in this now-viral video

Petar Milošević, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Many people have completely forgotten how to act like a civilized human being in public. 

Rather than using their words, people in today’s world often resort to anger or violence. 

And an infuriated Florida woman went on an unhinged rampage in this now-viral video.

This popular YouTuber bit off more than he could chew in this chaotic parking lot 

After spending prolonged periods cooped up indoors due to the pandemic, many people across the world have practically forgotten how to interact with others. 

Pandemic lockdowns hit Americans hard, with videos of airport, restaurant, and sporting event meltdowns going viral every day. 

It’s almost as if these people completely forgot how to act in public. 

In a video posted about two weeks ago, a popular YouTuber known as @Wtfbroward confronted a woman losing her cool in a busy parking lot. 

The video, which already has nearly 200,000 views, shows a middle-aged Karen and an elderly lady in what appears to be a dispute over a handicapped parking spot. 

Wtfbroward said “Oh s***, we got beef over here!” before running over to the scene of the altercation. 

As Wtfbroward approaches, the elderly woman could be heard yelling “you’re going to hell” over and over again to the Karen.

Both of the involved parties then notice Wtfbroward, which prompted the elderly woman to shout “put it on YouTube!”

This is when things started to get out of control. 

The parking lot Karen then walks over to the YouTuber and demands that he erase the footage.  

She even attempted to swipe the phone right out of his hands. 

After Wtfbroward denied her demands, she screams “f****** erase that or I’ll punch the f*** out of you!”

Wtfbroward backs up and attempts to defuse the situation before the Karen rears back and throws a punch at him, which forces him to push her off of him. 

Like any good Karen, she starts pulling the victim card in an attempt to convince bystanders to feel bad for her. 

Her theatrics did not work, and Wtfbroward promptly called the police on her despite her threats to press charges against him. 

The police eventually arrived to diffuse the situation.

However, it remains unclear if any charges were pressed. 

Nonetheless, the parking lot Karen has been found guilty in the court of public opinion. 

Wtfbroward’s viral footage provides a glimpse at the anger that exists in America 

Although Biden administration officials like to claim that the lockdowns were a success, the results say otherwise. 

Many experts agree that the lockdowns caused irreparable harm to the development of children and to the social welfare of everyone. 

These factors have caused many people to have much shorter fuses, which results in blow-ups like this one.

It could take decades for the damage these lockdowns caused to dissipate. 

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