An internal DCCC poll is sending shock waves throughout the Democrat Party ahead of November

The 2022 Midterm election cycle is in full swing, with primaries underway and the general elections rapidly approaching.

Control of both houses of Congress hangs in the balance.

With so much on the line, a new internal Democrat poll has the party desperately searching for answers.

Midterm elections are generally not fertile ground for the party in political power – and Democrats control the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are circling the drain.

Democrats have no apparent answers for the problems plaguing American families like runaway inflation, record-high gas prices, skyrocketing crime rates, and a crisis on the southern border.

Making matters worse for Democrats, radical leftists are pushing racial identity politics and gender-bending propaganda in schools – scaring away traditional Democrat voting blocs like Hispanic voters, black voters, and young suburban mothers.

And new numbers from a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee are adding empirical evidence to the overwhelming anecdotal examples of trouble on the horizon for the party in power.

According to an internal DCCC poll, the GOP leads Dems in a generic Congressional ballot by 8-points, 47-39 in battleground districts.

And that 8-point lead for Republicans could be even more than meets the eye.

“Given that Democrats generally have a three- or four-point built in advantage on the generic ballot, this is a particularly concerning development for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s majority,” wrote Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey. “An eight-point deficit on the generic ballot could be a sign of a wave for House Republicans.

At 39%, the rest of the Democrat Party appears to be lining up with the unpopularity of their President.

In fact, the latest Quinnipiac Poll has President Biden 17-points underwater, with 55% of voters disapproving of the job he’s doing as Commander in Chief – compared to just 38% giving the President a thumbs up.

Morrissey also points out that early primary turnout totals also indicated a Red Wave coming in November.

“Last month, Ohio had competitive primaries for both parties in their statewide gubernatorial and US Senate elections, and Republican turnout was double that of Democrats,” Morrissey reported. “Primaries in neighboring Pennsylvania had the same competitive primaries for both parties in the US Senate race. Republicans cast 140,000 more ballots so far in their Senate primary.”

All of these numbers, stats, and facts add up to one thing for Democrats seeking election or reelection this cycle.

Unless you’re in a district or state Joe Biden won by double-digits in 2020, you’re not safe in 2022.

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