An Obama ambassador just made one promise that accidentally turned out to be a major Trump endorsement

It’s no longer a secret that Barack Obama is at least pulling some of the strings behind the scenes of the Biden regime. 

His team is also working overtime to aid Biden’s re-election campaign. 

But this Obama ambassador just made one promise that accidentally turned into a major Trump endorsement.

Illegal immigration could decide the 2024 election

Former President Donald Trump made border security one of the centerpieces of his 2016 victory. 

After defeating former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Trump was able to implement a large portion of the agenda he ran.  

Trump’s border security policies resulted in a massive reduction in illegal immigration, significantly lowered the cap of so-called “refugees” allowed into the United States, and led to millions of illegal aliens being deported from America. 

President Joe Biden then made reversing Trump’s border security policies the centerpiece of his 2020 campaign. 

Biden won one of the most controversial elections in American history, and then did exactly what he said he would do – repealed all of Trump’s successful border security policies. 

Implementing Democrats’ open borders agenda has resulted in the Biden border crisis, as record numbers of illegal aliens flood into the country, crime rates surge, cities are put on the brink of collapse, and non-citizens are allowed to vote. 

Now, Trump and Biden are facing off in a rematch, and poll-after-poll indicates that border security and illegal immigration are at the top of voters’ minds. 

“They will immediately begin making plans to leave”

And for some reason, a former Obama official thought it would be smart to warn voters that if Trump is elected, many illegal aliens will flee the country. 

Bruce Heyman, who served as former President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Canada, recently told the National Post that he foresees Trump taking an even harder line on illegal immigration and border security should he win this November. 

“These people aren’t just going to sit there and wait to be rounded up,” Heyman said. “Should Trump win, they will immediately begin making plans to leave — and they will not go south, but north.” 

The comment was meant to paint the former President as some sort of “racist xenophobe.”

But considering Americans’ current attitude towards the Biden border crisis, Heyman’s attempt at a warning could end up being more of an endorsement for Trump. 

The estimated number of illegal aliens who have broken the law by entering the United States during the Biden Presidency is now more than 11 million.

To put that massive figure in perspective, that’s about the population of the entire state of Georgia, one of the top-ten most populous states in America.

The Biden border crisis brings with it human trafficking, drug trafficking,, and infrastructural problems border towns simply can’t afford.

According to a study by the House Homeland Security Committee, the illegal alien population within the U.S. is costing American taxpayers an estimated $451 billion annually.

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