An Obama-appointed judge is trying to block a new law that protects children in Arkansas

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The radical Left has made it clear that they believe children belong to the government.

They want the government to make decisions about what children learn and how to take care of them.

Now an Obama-appointed judge is trying to block a new law that protects children in Arkansas.

Arkansas SAFE Act was approved with veto-proof majority in May of 2021

Arkansas was one of the first states to pass a law aimed at stemming the practice of medically transitioning children to the opposite gender. The Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act (SAFE) became law in May of 2021 with enough votes to overcome RINO Asa Hutchinson’s veto.

The bill asserted that the state of Arkansas had “a compelling government interest in protecting the health and safety of its citizens, especially vulnerable children,” adding that “only a small percentage of the American population experiences distress at identifying with their biological sex.”

It cited “at least 11 studies” showing that “prior to society-wide transgender propaganda, the vast majority of children with transgender beliefs went on to embrace their bodies and genetic sex by young adulthood.” Proponents of the bill said it proves medical transitioning was “not required.”

That led to a much-expected lawsuit from radical transgender activists on the Left.

Obama-appointed judge: “No evidence” medical transitions are dangerous

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) represented four transgender minors, their parents, and the physicians who treated them in one of the suits. And Obama-appointed District Judge Jay Moody just struck down the law that bans the dangerous practice of medical transitions for minors.

Moody said there was “decades of clinical experience demonstrating the efficacy of gender-affirming medical care.” He said the state offered “no evidence” to refute these studies. He also said they offered “no evidence-based treatment alternatives” to medical transitions.

He said that the law “violates their First Amendment rights” and that “rather than protecting children or safeguarding medical ethics, the evidence showed that the prohibited medical care improves the mental health and well-being of the patients.”

But Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin is vowing to fight back against the ruling.

Attorney General slams Moody for ignoring widespread “scientific evidence”

In a press release on his website, Griffin said that he was “disappointed in the decision that prevents [the] state from protecting our children against dangerous medical experimentation under the moniker of ‘gender transition,’” adding that his office will “appeal Judge Moody’s decision to the Eighth Circuit.” 

Griffin pointed to research across the United States and in European countries and said it was “unfortunate” that the Obama Judge was ignoring the fact that “there is no scientific evidence that any child will benefit from these procedures.”

He said it was apparent that the “consequences are harmful and often permanent.” Griffin promised that the ruling won’t stop his office from protecting the future for children in his state. “I will continue fighting as long as it takes to stop providers from sterilizing children,” he wrote.

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