Anderson Cooper was put into a fit of rage after CNN’s former boss made this common-sense proposal

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Although the radical Left often laments the alleged dangers of misinformation, the reality is that they are often the ones who embellish the truth.

The mainstream media has unapologetically worked with the federal government to brainwash Americans with the Biden regime’s radical agenda.

But Anderson Cooper was put into a fit of rage after CNN’s former boss made this common-sense proposal.

CNN is in deep water after years of hemorrhaging viewers

When CNN first aired in 1980, viewers flocked to the network since they were the first 24-hour news station in the world.

However, viewers have run away from the media giant in recent years after CNN sold out to the far-Left.

These days CNN is nothing more than state media for the Biden regime.

As a result, CNN has seen a drastic drop in viewership, causing them to cycle through three bosses in less than two years.

One of these ex-bosses is Chris Licht. 

Licht reportedly made an attempt to court some of the right-leaning viewers, who he felt may have been alienated by CNN’s drastic shift to the Left.

In a recent interview with the New York Times reporter David Marchese, CNN’s Anderson Cooper claimed that he did not understand this attempt to become more “moderate.”

“I met with Chris and had a general sense of what the concern was,” Cooper said. “I don’t want to be unfair. I understood what the idea and the vision was. My sense from Chris was there was not a lot we needed to hash out because I’m not an opinion host. With Chris, I had a meeting with him when he first started and touched base from time to time, but we didn’t have a ton of communication.”

He added that “at no point did anybody communicate ‘this is what we’re doing now’ to one of the most high-profile anchors at CNN.”

Anderson Cooper’s bewilderment shows just how out of touch he is with the American public.

CNN will cease to exist unless it makes some serious changes

Most Americans have turned their backs on traditional media sources.

This is especially true when it comes to newspapers and cable television. 

At least half of the nation identifies as conservative.

These people are fed up with news sources like CNN telling them how racist they allegedly are.

Until CNN and other similar networks are willing to go back to their roots, then they will likely continue to bleed viewers.

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