Another major crisis is brewing off of the east coast that will have consumers hopping mad

There are so many crises in America that it is barely possible to keep up with all of them. 

Undoubtedly, the most concerning crisis facing Americans is the supply chain crisis, which has been plagued by backed-up ports and a lack of truck drivers due to COVID mandates. 

But after some recent meddling by the Biden administration, it appears as if another crisis is brewing off of America’s east coast that will have consumers hopping mad. 

America is in the middle of a full-blown supply chain crisis

If you have gone into a grocery store lately, then you will know how scarce many once-common items have become. 

And if they are in stock, they are way more expensive than they were even just a year ago. 

These supply chain issues, which now affect nearly every single industry, have been caused by logistical failures. 

It should come at no surprise that these issues are the result of Joe Biden’s administration and failed liberal policies.

As a result of Joe Biden’s close ties to overly powerful longshoreman unions in California, containers have not been unloaded efficiently and effectively. 

Anytime unions are given more power, consumers suffer and that is definitely the case here. 

People are expected to go without meat and baby formula so these union thugs can enjoy breaks every 15 minutes. 

California’s disastrous A.B. 5 law, which completely redefines what an independent contractor is to favor unions, has increased strain on truckers, which piles on to this crisis.

But it looks like this crisis has expanded to the east coast, which is now showing signs of congestion. 

The east coast is starting to witness a full-blown crisis

It has been reported that most of the shipping traffic in the United States is now going to Gulf and east coast ports as a result of deployment changes from major shipping companies. 

So even though many of the strained California ports such as Long Beach are seeing improvement, these east coast ports are beginning to bear some of their burdens. 

So even though Joe Biden is out touting his success in easing the congestion at west coast ports, he is simply sweeping them under the rug by sending them to the east coast. 

This is corruption at its finest and it shows that Joe Biden is more interested in appeasing unions and saving face rather than solving the problems plaguing America. 

The fact is, Joe Biden is a complete failure of a President and this crisis is a perfect example of how he approaches countless crises. 

Appease the union causing the crisis, make the crisis worse by kicking the can down the road, and then take credit for merely delaying the inevitable.  

That is how Biden operates. 

Fortunately, more and more Americans are getting fed up with Biden’s lies. 

As it stands, Joe Biden has some of the worst approval ratings of any President in recent memory. 

But the ultimate test will come this November when voters head to the polls to rebuke Joe Biden’s failed start to his term as President. 

Joe Biden must face the political price for the damage he is doing to America.  

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