Anthony Blinken is using taxpayer dollars to apologize for misgendering staff at the State Department

United States Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken in Abuja, Nigeria, Public Domain via Flickr

President Joe Biden has made a vocal point of having the most “diverse and inclusive” administration in White House history.

Biden’s identity politics have even infested the State Department.

And Anthony Blinken is using taxpayer dollars to apologize for misgendering staff at the State Department.

Biden’s identity politics

President Joe Biden appears to only be concerned with checking identity politics boxes when making his cabinet and judicial appointments.

Biden even set a goal of overseeing “the most diverse and inclusive White House” in American history.

In building an administration focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, many positions have been filled by radically woke snowflakes who are waiting for the next thing to trigger them.

And staff inside the Biden State Department just found the excuse they were looking for to run screaming to the human resources department.

State Department fails their self-imposed inclusivity test

According to the Washington Free Beacon, a system-wide email glitch last week at the State Department randomly assigned temporary gender pronouns to staff.

This caused several State Department workers to be “misgendered” in their respective email signatures.

But instead of taking the mix-up as a teachable moment, the State Department is offering a taxpayer-funded apology.

“I deeply regret the confusion and distress this mistake caused our workforce,” Secretary of State Anthony Bliken’s Chief Information Officer, Kelly E. Fletcher, wrote in a department-wide email. “I want to stress that the intent behind making this feature available is to make our systems more inclusive and provide employees with options—not to make decisions for them. I recognize that this error had the opposite effect, and again, I am very sorry.”

Blinken signed off on a test pilot program that would provide users with the option to include their preferred pronouns in their Global Address List profile.

However, during the testing phase, the list went live before accurate “preferred pronouns” could be entered.

Bliken’s taxpayer-funded therapy bill

To try and make up for this egregious error, the State Department offered free counseling to staff paid for by hard-working Americans.

In the internal email, Fletcher said that “any employee who feels hurt or upset as a result of this unfortunate mistake” should contact the State Department’s Employee Consultation Service “to speak to a professional counselor” for free therapy.

Of course, therapy is never free.

Someone has to pay for it.

And in this case, that someone is the American taxpayer.

Do you use “preferred pronouns” in your email signature?