Anthony Fauci ran for cover when this new research about school closures surfaced

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The more research that comes out about the 2020 pandemic, the more evidence emerges showing just how badly public health officials like Anthony Fauci were mistaken.

The latest example comes from researchers at McMasters University in Canada.

And Anthony Fauci ran for cover when this new research about school closures surfaced.

But Fauci was “The Science” . . .

Anthony Fauci advised elected officials to close businesses, shut down schools, stand six feet apart, and wear masks during the pandemic.

Other experts who offered alternative viewpoints – such as pointing out that no conclusive literature existed showing support for those policies and that there would be incalculable consequences to closing schools and businesses – were shunned, mocked, and disregarded as quacks.

In the years since, more and more research is coming out confirming that the shutdown measures made no logical sense and were likely doing way more harm than good.

Another Big Government Mistake

The latest example comes courtesy of a research team at McMasters University in Canada.

According to CTV News in Toronto, they recently published a two-year review of school closures and examined “more than 34,000 references, including databases, websites, and studies, related to transmission in child-care settings and schools across the globe.”

They found that school closures had no clear impact, if any, on community-level transmission.

“We found that after that initial shutdown where everything was locked down, schools did not appear to have much impact on community level transmission when infection prevention control measures were in place,” Sarah Neil-Sztramko, the lead author of the review and assistant professor at the university, said.

“Although the data consistently show that children can both contract and transmit [the virus], based on published reports to date, following reopening, the risk of widespread transmission from child to child and child to adult is low,” the review added. “Even when absolute case numbers were high, most infections originated from outside of school.”

The Greatest Public Health Blunder in American History?

The more research comes to light, the more we see that public health officials made bad decisions.

With regard to schools, Fauci insisted that the best course of action was to close schools and send kids home.

But this new research provides evidence that school closures were all for nothing.

School closures had no measurable effect on slowing the pandemic or improving public health.

They did all harm, and no good.

Public health officials didn’t just miss the mark, they were about as far from the mark as they possibly could be.

They recommended measures that crushed the economy, stunted the educational development of our nation’s children, and dragged the entire country down.

And none of it seemed to have helped bring an earlier end to the pandemic.

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