Anthony Weiner completely exploded on Jesse Waters and you won’t believe why

Photo by Boss Tweed, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Cable news is sometimes fun to watch.

It’s nearly impossible to look away when it’s entertaining.

Anthony Weiner completely exploded on Jesse Waters and you won’t believe why.

Cable News is falling fast

It’s undeniable that the influence of the cable news media is falling drastically.

The American people have lost trust in the major cable news networks in recent years.

When you turn on CNN and MSNBC, you know you’re going to get propaganda straight from the Democrat Party’s mouth.

And when you turn on Fox News, you’re going to have to listen to a bunch of RINOs lecture you about conservatism.

We all know most of these politicians and talking heads on Fox News have never been conservative in their entire life.

Fox News canned Tucker Carlson even though he brought in a massive audience by calling out the establishment on both sides of the political spectrum.

But you will still find entertainment on cable news every once in a while, and this is one of those instances.

Weiner on the rise in politics

Many of us remember Anthony Weiner as the disgraced politician who just couldn’t keep his pants zipped.

Weiner loved to send pictures of himself to unsuspecting women while he was a member of Congress.

He’s now trying to make a comeback in politics and recently appeared on Jesse Watters’ show on Fox News.

Watters asked Weiner “why do the Democrats have such a problem with crime?”

“We don’t like crime,” Weiner replied.

After Watters kept pressing him, Weiner then tried to claim Democrats put more cops on the street.

Watters followed up by asking him why Democrats have “defunded the police.”

“You think Rudy Giuliani did a good job against crime?” Weiner said. “It’s 40% lower than it was the year he left.”

After Watters corrected Weiner on his Giuliani claims, he then turned the conversation to illegal immigration.

Watters asked Weiner about the asylum laws under Biden.

And without missing a beat, Weiner lied again by claiming that “it’s the same laws that there were under Trump. Did you like those?”

“They’re not being enforced,” Watters properly responded.

“Who paid for that wall?” Weiner shot back.

Watters replied with “who paid for what wall?”

Watters finally asked Weiner what he thought about people like DeSantis who are trying to protect kids from attending drag shows.

“You guys say you’re conservatives,” Weiner said. “You really think the government should be involved with this?”

All signs point to Anthony Weiner trying to make a comeback in politics as he keeps hitting the media circuit.

But if he can’t take simple questions from Watters, then there is no need for him to step anywhere near Washington, D.C.

Should Weiner get back into politics?