August policy victories have spurred Democrats’ Midterm confidence as Congressional recess ends

Democrats racked up quite a few W’s in the month of August and they hope it means even more victories in November.

Members of Congress are gearing up to return to work after a long recess, and now the difficult Midterm work begins.

With the Democrats feeling much more confident than they had in months the GOP is desperate to turn things around.

Biden’s latest wins are “great timing” according to some strategists

In August, Biden’s semiconductor bill was signed into law along with a massive tax-and-spend boondoggle implementing Democrats’ Green New Deal energy policies and even bailed out aspects of the failing ObamaCare health scheme.

Biden was also able to celebrate after a deadly drone strike killed al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul.

Gas prices have started to dip back down from their astronomically high levels – though it’s still $1.40 more on average than when Biden took office – and of course, that means the Biden administration will claim that victory as their own, too.

More concerning is a recent Wall Street Journal poll that found Democrats with a 3-point lead over Republicans when respondents were asked who they’d back if the Midterms were held today.

Jim Kessler, executive vice president for policy at Third Way (a Democratic think tank) says that the Democrats “just feel confident” right now.

DNC lobbyist Ivan Zapien said the latest agenda wins and higher numbers are “great timing” since they’re happening right before the Midterms. 

And many Republican candidates are struggling to improve their performance in several key states, which is certainly causing concern for the GOP.

These new polling numbers are bringing momentum to the Democrats, but it doesn’t always translate into a guaranteed win.

What’s ahead for the GOP this fall?

Currently, Republicans are still expected to regain control of the House, but some on the Left think Biden’s slightly higher poll numbers are a bellwether of what’s to come.

Even as Biden sees a small uptick in approval, “his numbers are still in the low 40s,” says GOP strategist David Urban.

His recent student loan bailout is causing Biden to face criticism from both sides of the aisle.

According to Urban, this new plan “couldn’t have been more divisive.”

In fact, many members of the GOP will likely use the student loan bailout as a tactic against the Left during the Midterms.

Meanwhile, plenty of Democrats are still trying to convince voters that the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act means that they actually care about Americans.

Former DNC chairman Tom Perez says he has “a lot of optimism because we are making tangible progress on issues that really matter.”

The problem lies in convincing voters that this new legislation is doing something that they can really see and feel in terms of their wallet and their lives.

With three months left to go, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on both sides.

Republicans should pay close attention to polls and which issues are most important to voters.

Currently, abortion seems to be more important to many, even more so than other serious issues like inflation and the economy.

Abortion was a top issue for voters in the same Wall Street Journal poll that put Democrats three points ahead over the GOP.

This means the GOP needs to focus on how to discuss the abortion issue in a way that voters will respond to and understand.

It’s also a prime time to remind the American people about the destructive nature of Biden’s recent policies and proposals.

With so much at stake, the Democrats shouldn’t celebrate just yet, but neither should the GOP.

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