AWR Hawkins just explained what makes us human in a speech that should inspire all Americans

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The Biden administration is demoralizing to the country.

Democrats and the press are pushing their left-wing ideologies on adults and children alike.

But AWR Hawkins just explained what makes us human in a speech that should inspire all Americans.

AWR Hawkins: Left-wing “ideologues are immune to proof of failure”

AWR Hawkins is a Second Amendment aficionado and a conservative columnist at Breitbart. He’s been using his platform to push back on the woke ideologues who are trying to indoctrinate the country by capturing public institutions and destroying the Constitution.

In a speech this week at the Western Conservative Summit, Hawkins pointed to the weakness of these radical zealots. He said these people can’t learn from their mistakes because “ideologues are immune to proof of failure.”

He said that Joe Biden and the Democrats “don’t believe their system works and it’s all a power grab.” He added that they “don’t care” about the results and even said “they don’t care if you die.” He likened the current system to “intellectual servitude,” which he said is what the Left wants for all Americans.

Hawkins went on to say that there’s only one way to change the current trajectory of our country.

If we want to save our country then we need to understand that “our rights come from” God

The columnist told the crowd that the only way to beat this modern “form of slavery” is by returning to “the understanding that our rights come from the God of nature, and they come to us, and are evident in the laws of nature.” 

Hawkins pointed to founding father Thomas Jefferson to emphasize the fact that “our natural rights transcend but also supersede any political apparatus or ideological gibberish.” He quoted Jefferson by saying that “’we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.’”

He noted that everyone might know of that line, but said not everyone understands it. “What that line tells me is that my rights are not mine by dictation of an ideologue or the majority vote or of a political body. Nor are yours, they are ours because our Creator wove them in the very fiber of our being,” he said.

He further encouraged people to come to understand this “basic stuff.”

Our Second Amendment is the last thing standing between America and the end of “our humanity”

Hawkins went on to warn that the reason the radical Left wants to remove our Second Amendment rights is because they want people to lose their only line of defense against tyranny. He said if you cannot defend your own life, then you cannot defend your human rights.

“These rights, which include life and the ability to defend life, are essential to our humanity in our freedom,” he said, before encouraging people to understand that the right to defend yourself and your family preceded the Constitution and was the most important part.

Hawkins went on to say that the goal here is to eliminate a barrier that would allow the ideologues to get rid of our humanity. “Honestly, you’re not truly human if you don’t have the ability to defend your life, you’re really not. You are losing some of your humanity,” he said.

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