Barack Obama was in a state of shock after voters figured out his grand plan for total control

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When Barack Obama left the White House, many wondered what would be next on his agenda. 

To the public eye, Obama has mostly been making movies with his wife that no one watches while also endorsing the most radical candidates running for office. 

But Barack Obama was in a state of shock after voters figured out his grand plan for total control. 

Questions about President Biden’s mental fitness

Former Vice President Joe Biden spent the 2020 Presidential campaign hiding from the media and avoiding public appearances. 

He embarrassed himself on the few occasions that he came up for air and sunlight. 

Gaffes, stories that couldn’t have possibly happened, and logic holes you could drive a secret-service caravan through were the norm for Biden. 

Polling showed huge swaths of voters did not believe Biden was mentally fit to serve in the most powerful position in the entire world. 

And that belief only grew as Americans watched Biden’s first term in the White House play out. 

More gaffes, less logic, even worse results – a President of the United States who can’t even ride a bike. 

With each passing failure, many Americans began to wonder if there was a puppet master pulling the President’s strings. 

And a new poll reveals who most Americans believe the man behind the curtain to be. 

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll that can’t be sitting well with the Biden administration in an Election Year. 

This poll found a majority of Americans – including most Democrats – believe President Biden isn’t running his own team. 

In fact, 63% of voters feel Biden’s former boss, ex-President Barack Obama, is “influencing” the White House. 

Even worse is that 53% of respondents said Obama is “pulling the strings” of the incumbent Commander-in-Chief. 

“Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Joe Biden is not ‘running the show’ at the White House. ‘He’s a puppet for a progressive left committee headed by Obama?’” the survey asked respondents. 

37% “strongly” agreed and another 16% “somewhat” agreed with the statement. 

Is Obama Biden’s secret weapon?

A look deeper into the numbers shows if the Biden campaign were honest and admitted that he is just a stand-in running for a fourth term for Obama, then his chances of winning reelection may improve. 

According to the Rasmussen poll, Biden’s favorability rating is nine points underwater – which is actually a stronger showing than the sitting President is receiving in most other recent surveys.  

However, it’s nowhere near the head-scratching numbers former President Obama received in the poll. 

Obama scored a 52% favorable rating compared to 44% unfavorable. 

Perhaps people have already forgotten how similar the Obama Presidency was to Biden’s current efforts. 

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