Barack Obama wrote a letter about a sexual confession that he kept hidden for decades

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When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, much of his life was shrouded in mystery.

The media refused to vet him as a person or a politician.

And now Barack Obama wrote a letter about a sexual confession that he kept hidden for decades.

David Garrow is an American historian and author.

Garrow wrote a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. entitled Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

He also wrote the 2017 biography of Barack Obama called Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.

Garrow recently sat for an interview with TabletMag, where he made some bombshell revelations about Obama’s past that he discovered while writing Rising Star.

In the interview, Garrow described how Obama’s college girlfriend at Occidental, Alex McNear, sold her letters from Obama to Emory University.

Garrow learned that Emory came into possession of letters from Obama to McNear, but said they had redacted one specific paragraph.

“Sometime, right about when Rising Star came out, Alex indirectly sold the original, sold those letters, and they ended up at Emory,” Garrow explained. Rising Star touched on Obama reportedly dreaming about homosexuality. “So Emory put out a press release saying, ‘We’ve gotten these rare letters by Barack Obama.’ And no mention of this paragraph that was too sensitive. None of the papers mentioned it. Emory didn’t mention it.”

Garrow told TabletMag that he had one of his closest friends travel to Emory to transcribe the letters.

In the letter, Garrow found out that Obama confessed homosexual fantasies to McNear about his desire to make love to other men.

“So I emailed Harvey [Klehr], said, ‘Go to the Emory archives.’ He’s spent his whole life at Emory, but they won’t let him take pictures,” Garrow added. “So Harvey has to sit there with a pencil and copy out the graph where Barack writes to Alex about how he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men.”

There is much about Obama’s life that the media never investigated because they were so in love with the idea of him as President that they took his claims about his life at face value. 

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