Before going on summer vacation you should check your yard for this one thing

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Summer is here, and that means millions of Americans are getting ready to go on vacation.

Some will head north for cooler air while others will find a tropical oasis with a beach.

But before going on summer vacation you should check your yard for this one thing.

Forbes names this surprising city as the top U.S. travel spot this summer

It’s July, and that means people are heading to their favorite summer vacation spots. 

But for those who haven’t made plans just yet, Forbes just released their “Top 5 U.S. Cities for Summer Vacations.” 

The list was created using Kayak’s annual report on summer travel, and the top city might be surprising.

The top travel destination is typically marred by cooler temperatures and regular rainfall — Seattle. 

The report took note of this by saying that “perhaps some travelers are unfazed by a bit of wet weather when it comes with a side of gorgeous.” 

Outside of Seattle, the list includes mostly warm weather destinations, except for New York City. 

People are flocking to Las Vegas, Orlando, and Honolulu. 

All three destinations have warm weather and all the fruity cocktails people could ever wish for. 

But before anyone starts planning, they should check their yards for this troubling trend.

This item is being “strategically placed” to help criminals monitor homes

Police were called to the home of a family in Santa Barbara County, California, earlier in the summer after a terrifying discovery. 

Gardeners were working on their bushes when they stumbled across something that shouldn’t have been there.

A hidden camera was covertly placed in a small green bucket and surrounded by leaves. 

The camera was pointed directly at the home. 

“The device consists of a battery pack, power cord, and a camera with a memory card,” the public information officer explained following the incident.

Another hidden camera was found at a second residence in southern California.  

“These cameras are strategically placed in discrete areas, such as bushes, to allow thieves to gather information about homeowners’ daily routines,” Alhambra Police said in a statement.

Now police are warning against a rising trend called “burglary tourism.” 

But burglary tourism isn’t defined by the cameras.

“They’ll commit these crimes . . . then go back” home

In Glendale, California, a group of foreign-born criminals were taken into custody after a camera was discovered. 

Four men from Colombia in their late 20s were taken into custody. 

All of them came to the U.S. for the sole purpose of committing burglaries.

“They’ll commit these crimes, they’ll use different identities, things like that and eventually they’ll go back to their home country,” Glendale Police Sergeant Vahe Abramyan explained. 

Police are telling people to remain vigilant and don’t assume any window is off limits to criminals.

“Some of these residential burglars have been recorded going through [the] second story to access homes because people don’t install alarm systems on the second story,” police said. 

This trend could be coming to your community this summer.

So keep your yards well-manicured, watch for strange vehicles, and consider installing your own security cameras. 

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