Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is facing fresh controversy after this shocking arrest

Photo by Teejay from Pexels

July 4th is a holiday for celebrating everything that makes America great.

But many on the Left use July 4th as an excuse to trash America. 

And now Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is facing fresh controversy after this shocking arrest. 

Ben & Jerry’s has proven time and again that they hate America

In recent months, major companies like Disney, Bud Light, and Target have faced significant backlash over their support of various extreme “woke” causes. 

Having said that, Ben & Jerry’s has espoused radical far-Left political dribble for decades, but its July 4th campaign this year is turning heads. 

On July 4th, the ice cream company posted on its Twitter account that “this 4th of July, it’s high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it.”

“Ah, the Fourth of July,” Ben & Jerry’s added. “Who doesn’t love a good parade, some tasty barbecue, and a stirring fireworks display? The only problem with all that, though, is that it can distract from an essential truth about this nation’s birth: The US was founded on stolen Indigenous land.  This year, let’s commit to returning it. Here’s why we need to start with Mount Rushmore.” 

This radical pledge to destroy Mt. Rushmore sent shockwaves across the nation, causing many to instigate a boycott of the ice cream brand. 

But, Ben & Jerry’s woes do not end here.  

On Thursday, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen was arrested at a protest demanding the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. 

After his arrest, Cohen told reporters that “there’s no democracy without freedom of the press because the press is the only thing that can hold the government accountable, and there’s no freedom of the press as long as Assange is being prosecuted.”

“It’s outrageous,” he added. “Julian Assange is nonviolent. He is presumed innocent. And yet somehow or other, he has been imprisoned in solitary confinement for four years. That is torture.  He revealed the truth, and for that, he is suffering and we need to do whatever we can to help him.”

Ben & Jerry’s is a classic case study of left-wing hypocrisy

Although Ben & Jerry’s loves to trash the United States, this beloved ice cream company has benefited significantly from the country’s freedom of speech and free enterprise. 

Additionally, Ben & Jerry’s sells ice cream in hostile nations like Russia and also operates stores and factories on land once owned by American Indians. 

Although Ben & Jerry’s likes to turn heads with its shocking and virtue-signaling posts, the truth is that they are as hypocritical as it gets. 

Since making the radical post on Independence Day, Ben & Jerry’s has seen major revenue losses, making many believe that it could be the next woke company to go broke. 

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