Beto O’Rourke and Stacy Abrams are proof that gushing media coverage doesn’t always win votes

The corporate-controlled press loves to heap praise and pour gushing accolades on Democrat candidates.

At the same time, they treat Republican candidates like garbage.

But Beto O’Rourke and Stacy Abrams are proof that gushing media coverage doesn’t always win votes.

One recent analysis found the media lovefest isn’t always sufficient for Democrats to get the votes they need to win.

Glossy magazine stories won’t cut it

A recent Politico analysis found that “glossy magazine profiles” and kind, gentle media coverage didn’t do enough to help candidates like O’Rourke and Abrams win in their states.

The analysis also looked at why the two former frontrunners are trailing behind their conservative opponents during their newest runs for Governor.

O’Rourke is going head-to-head against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, while Abrams is working on another election run against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Even as the media laid the praise on thick for Beto O’Rourke, he has yet to lead in one single survey since announcing his run last November.

As for Abrams, she’s “barely doing better,” according to Politico deputy editor Calder McHugh.

Even though the two were considered leading favorites in 2018, they certainly aren’t stealing the spotlight this time.

Because they were new to the field, each candidate was given soft press coverage that actually did very little to garner them votes among their constituents.

Major outlets like The Washington Post called Stacy Abrams a superhero, but this over-the-top praise didn’t manage to get her the nomination for Vice President in 2020.

As for Beto O’Rourke, his claim that he was going to take peoples’ guns during a Presidential debate in 2019 didn’t do him any favors in right-leaning Texas.

Even if some of the nation agrees with slightly more gun control, the people of Texas are highly unlikely to follow suit. 

And the gun-grabbing rhetoric translates to almost a guaranteed loss for O’Rourke in this upcoming gubernatorial election.

Threatening to take people’s firearms and breaking into press conferences while screaming at people you disagree with is not the way to win the hearts and minds of swing voters.

Excessive media praise won’t guarantee a win

Every time a Republican runs for office, the media immediately comes out with guns blazing, using terms like racist and “MAGA-loving conspiracy theorist.”

Yet when a Democrat runs, the same talking heads and press journalists publish stories and run ridiculous pieces about how wonderful they are, and what they’re doing to help the poor, oppressed people of America.

The reality is that most educated voters see right through the bias and know that what really matters is the issues at hand.

The media can paint people like O’Rourke and Abrams as saints, but most people realize the fallacy of such a ridiculous assumption.

Stacy Abrams refused to concede to her opponent during her last run for Governor against Kemp in 2018 and blamed it on voter suppression.

That’s not exactly a good look, especially when it’s an outright lie.

This latest analysis shows people like Abrams and O’Rourke are proof that running as an uber-left candidate isn’t always a guaranteed win, no matter how much the media hates the GOP.

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