Bible scholars were speechless over the discovery of this astonishing unknown artifact outside of Jerusalem

Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg), CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Archeologists are always looking for the next great find that will change history as we know it. 

But one finding in the Holy Land will forever change the minds of non-believers. 

And Bible scholars were speechless over the discovery of this astonishing unknown artifact outside of Jerusalem. 

History is always changing

For some, nothing was more boring in school than history class. 

In many classrooms, history class was a regurgitation of useless facts about events that took place a long time ago. 

But if history is taught correctly, it is one of the most rewarding classes you will take in school. 

History shows the triumph and tragedy that man and civilization have been through. 

History can be inspiring or horrific to study.

You may have been taught that history never changes. 

That’s not the case.

Events may not have changed, but how we perceive and understand those events do change with new insights and discoveries. 

Every once in a while, archeologists discover something new about our past that changes history forever. 

For instance, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 unlocked many languages that had never been translated before, like Egyptian. 

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the mid-20th Century changed our understanding of ancient Hebrew and the Bible. 

Scholars were able to use the Dead Sea Scrolls to unlock and better understand countless Biblical texts. 

But it looks like there is another archeological discovery in the Holy Land that will leave even the most studied Bible scholar in shock. 

More proof of a significant Biblical account 

Many have read the famous passages of the Bible about Assyrian King Sennacherib’s siege of Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem was in a dire situation with King Sennacherib on the verge of taking over the holy city after besieging it. 

But right when all hope was lost, God sent an angel to slaughter the 185,000 Assyrian troops who were taking part in the siege. 

The miracle is illustrated in numerous spots in the Bible, including Isaiah, 37:36-38; 2 Kings, 19:35; and 2 Chronicles, 32:21. 

But even though the miracle is referenced numerous times throughout the Bible, there are still doubters, even among Jews and Christians, that such a siege and event ever took place. 

We now have proof that such an event took place, which just solidifies the truthfulness of the Bible. 

Researchers have been able to use new technology with old findings to discover something totally unexpected. 

Using ancient Assyrian carvings and aerial pictures of the Holy Land from the early 20th Century, researchers were able to find many ancient Assyrian military camps around Jerusalem. 

Such findings have never been discovered before, as all sites were abandoned by the Assyrians and never documented. 


More research and discoveries need to take place, but this is one astonishing step towards proving yet another Biblical story to be truthful. 

It makes you wonder what other discoveries are out there waiting to be found in the Holy Land. 

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