Biden is suing this state for taking action to protect one of America’s most cherished rights

America’s institutions are under attack.

The radical Left claims they’re “protecting democracy,” but it’s all a charade.

Now Biden is suing this state for taking action to protect one of America’s most cherished rights. 

Illegal aliens could soon have the same rights as American citizens

The sad truth is, in many parts of the nation illegal aliens are being granted very generous rights, and in some cases the same exact rights that American citizens have. 

This includes, but is not limited to, the right to earn a driver’s license, access to state-funded healthcare, welfare benefits, and more. 

But that is still not enough for the radical left.  

Some on the left even want these illegal aliens to vote. 

The motive is very obvious, dangle generous benefits in front of these desperate illegal aliens and urge them to become Democrat voters in return. 

This behavior is nothing short of political bribery, yet leftists seem to have no problem with it. 

Unfortunately for the Left, allowing illegal aliens to vote is highly illegal.  

But this is where Joe Biden decided to say, “hold my beer.” 

Joe Biden made an unprecedented move to give illegals voting rights

Right now, there is an unprecedented crisis going on at America’s southern border. 

Every day thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens are spilling into America with no end in sight. 

The cause of this mass migration is very clear, Joe Biden and the Democrats are encouraging illegal aliens to illegally enter America. 

Not only is this an impeachable offense, but it is causing a mad dash at the border. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, nearly 50 illegal aliens were found dead in the back of a truck after a smuggling attempt went horribly wrong. 

Joe Biden’s invitation for illegal aliens to pour into the U.S. is costing lives and destroying many border communities. 

But thankfully, the states of Texas and Arizona are pushing back against this invasion. 

Recently, Arizona passed a common-sense bill that would require voters to prove that they are legal United States citizens by requiring proof of residency in order to vote. 

In fact, most states already require a photo ID to vote, so this bill is nothing out of the ordinary. 

Having said that, the Biden administration is outraged, because after all, losing the illegal alien vote is a major blow to their plans for the future. 

So as a result, Joe Biden announced that his administration will sue the state of Arizona for implementing this basic requirement. 

Why the White House is afraid of voter ID laws

The reason why Joe Biden and the radical Left are so terrified of common sense laws such as this one is that they threaten to dial back a significant chunk of Biden’s base in significant swing states such as Arizona. 

No foreign national should ever be allowed to vote in American elections. 

Even the radical far-left New York Supreme Court agrees with this after turning down New York City’s law allowing foreign people to vote in city elections. 

This move by the Biden Department of Justice is further proof that Biden and the radical Left have enormous contempt for this country and its laws. 

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