Biden now promises to hold Communist China accountable after allowing them to breach our nation’s borders

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When Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address, he made a number of outlandish claims.

He blundered his way through important issues like the border, inflation, drug abuse, and Communist China’s threat to our national security.

But don’t worry, now that he let the Communist Chinese violate our borders, he’s now going to hold them accountable.

The world watched in awe and shock when a Communist Chinese spy balloon was spotted in the skies over the Big Sky state.

And millions watched in utter bewilderment as Joe Biden let the spy craft go across the nation from Montana to the Carolinas.

Biden says he is “committed to work with China” following spy balloon

Joe Biden is seeking to ease concern over mainland China and has attempted to make it clear that the communist country would not cause problems on American soil. 

But his comments during the annual State of the Union address followed an intrusion by the ChiComms that was broadcast around the world.

In his speech he said that he was “committed to work with China where it can advance American interests and benefit the world” but also added a veiled threat to Beijing. 

If you threaten our homeland then we won’t stand for it.

Of course, Biden’s harsh rhetoric only comes after a week-long embarrassment on the world stage. 

People all around the globe watched as his administration waffled in the face of a Chinese spy craft. 

To make matters worse for the Commander-in-Chief Biden explained he ordered the spy craft shot down immediately but was “overruled” by General Mark Milley, Biden’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and second in command to – Joe Biden.

So Biden’s defense was that he was overruled by someone who works for him.

We already “made clear last week” that we will stand up to China

Biden touted his response as a victory in his address to Congress stating that he “made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country. And we did.”

He further claimed that he told the communist leader, Xi Jinping, that America isn’t looking for trouble. “I’ve made clear with Xi that we seek competition, not conflict,” Biden said.

Biden thinks that he can “unite all of us” by “winning the competition” with China. 

Actually, he thinks that he has already bested his Chinese counterpart. “Name me a leader who would change places  with Xi Jinping!” the president exclaimed implying China is in a weak position.

The problem is that most people don’t see it the world the way Biden does.

Cruz says “the entire world” was laughing at America

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told The Epoch Times that he thinks Biden’s perspective is “unfortunate” and that is hard to believe that he’s really “standing up” to Xi. 

“Sadly, the entire world laughed at the president while the Chinese spy balloon hovered over America for over a week,” the Senator from Texas and former GOP presidential candidate said.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) also provided a comment implying that he thought Biden wasn’t being totally honest.

“I thought it was a total failure to level with the American people about what’s happened this last week, about his administration’s failure to deter China, and about the fact that he’s made us more dependent on China, with everything from his energy policies to his military decisions,” Hawley said.

Biden suggests other balloons came under Trump

While many Americans joined Hawley and Cruz and pointed to Biden as the problem, his administration instead pointed at Trump and suggested that there were many balloon incidents during Trump’s presidency.

The chairman for the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul questioned the validity of that claim. 

He said that if this had happened previously, “it raises serious questions about our intelligence community,” and why they would withhold information from former President Trump.

As of yet no one has been able to provide any proof of these claims.

That’s why McCaul suspects that Communist China had delivered a “poke in the eye” to Biden and that “this was the most provocative act that we’ve seen come out of Communist China…”

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