Biden’s latest rule will twist surgeons’ arms – and their medical ethics

Another day means another Biden administration mandate.

Biden, continuing his tradition of ignoring checks and balances, is laying blame on “radical” Republicans and court systems once again.

And Biden’s latest rule will twist surgeons’ arms – and their medical ethics.

Contrary to some beliefs there are ethical standards and authority for medical care

Yes, doctors need to consider the best interests for their patients.

Yes, they need to respect individual choices to improve patient health.

But if one is familiar with the Hippocratic Oath, there is a line drawn in the sand (not to mention recent court rulings).

Doctors are not meant to be specialists who fulfill the wants of patients.

Treating doctors as specialists who should hang on every word of patients sets a scary precedent.

Medical professionals go to school for a medical education, attend postgraduate training on-site (residency), and follow guidelines to be qualified physicians.

Treatments and surgeries must be justified based on doctor’s recommendations and insights.

If a gender reassignment surgery puts an individual in harm’s way, the doctor needs to step in.

The professional in the patient room should be the doctor, not the patient.

But Biden’s new mandate would force a doctor to cede to a patient’s wills and desires, even if harmful.

And his blame game continues.

Biden and his HHS cronies continue their attack on the court system

Biden has been on the attack a lot this summer – and not just against those across the aisle.

His administration has been attacking the court system directly when they don’t bend to his will.

He talks a lot about “extreme agendas” and “taking away freedoms” (ironically, he is not referencing his administration).

The United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has blocked the Biden HHS mandate.

The HHS, along with the DOJ, is just another bouncer at Club Biden.

And with that, the HHS has overstepped authority by trying to interpret medical law.

Quick reminder for those in the Biden administration: the court system exists for interpreting laws.

Forced gender-reassignment surgeries will open further Title VII and Title IX floodgates

Earlier this year, the Biden administration drafted new Title IX regulations.

These drafted regulations remove religious protections.

Title IX is not just found in the classrooms.

It can also be found in the operating rooms.

According to the Biden administration, the definition of sex will be rewritten as gender identity.

Individuals who want to harm themselves with reassignment surgery will claim discrimination if their surgeons don’t fulfill their wishes.

If medical professionals are being coerced into providing gender-reassignment surgeries against their will, compassionate medical care and expertise will fall by the wayside.

Ethical medical treatment will be history.

And Democrats will enjoy rewriting history.

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