Big Tech is trying to silence Mark Levin from revealing this ugly truth about Democrats

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Fox News host Mark Levin is taking the gloves off in his latest fight with Democrats.

They’re terrified of what he’s about to expose about their Party.

And Big Tech is trying to silence Mark Levin from revealing this ugly truth about Democrats.

Fox News host and talk radio legend Mark Levin is a bare-knuckles brawler against the Democrats’ extreme agenda.

He’s adding to his list of best-sellers with his upcoming book, The Democrat Party Hates America, which is set to be released in mid-September.

The book exposes the plan by Democrats to tear down the foundation of the country’s freedom.

“It’s brass knuckles, baby,” Levin told the Washington Examiner. “I feel that the Democrat Party has gotten away with deceit, propaganda, and deception long enough, and it needs to be held accountable for all the horrific disasters that it has unleashed on the American people right across the board, for its ideology, which is very foreign to our founding. They’re going through the country like Sherman through Atlanta.” 

Levin’s latest book is already rising to the top of best-seller lists on Amazon.

Big Tech titan Meta is trying to keep more conservatives from discovering Levin’s work exposing the Democrats’ radical agenda. 

Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram have banned Levin from running ads on their social platforms for an infuriating reason.

The company told him that they’re pulling ads for the book because they don’t like its title.

Levin demolished Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on social media for censoring him and challenged him to a cage fight.

“Facebook and Instagram have blocked my book from being advertised on their sites because of the title,” Levin said on social media. “Just another example of their censorship. Maybe I’ll put the book in Chinese and ask the Chinese regime to post it, in which case Zuckerberg would dare not block it.  By the way, I’d be happy to meet you in a UFC ring anytime, little fella.”

Levin referenced the potential mixed-martial arts fight between Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

This is the latest censorship that The Democrat Party Hates America has faced.

Retail giant Target banned sales of the book because they were afraid its title might offend Democrat shoppers and because it contained the word “hates.”

The ban was reversed after Levin obliterated the woke company on his radio show.

Big Tech doesn’t want its users to learn the devastating truth about the Democrat Party’s war on freedom from Mark Levin’s book.

Is Big Tech trying to protect Democrats with censorship?