Bill Maher just issued a major warning to Biden and Democrat lawmakers that left jaws on the floor

Nightly television talk shows have largely been more like Biden administration cheerleaders and propaganda machines since day one.

The late-night airspace is dominated by radical democrats and the few that are moderates are afraid to speak out.

But Bill Maher just issued a major warning to Biden and Democrat lawmakers that left jaws on the floor.

You can count the number of late-night talk show hosts who are still funny on one hand.

And one of those is the always irascible Bill Maher.

Bill Maher says that America has turned into a “prison yard”

Real Time host Bill Maher opened his 21st season in a whole new way. 

Instead of avoiding political topics important to conservative viewers, he dove right into them.

Maher opened up the program to discuss the radical socialist agenda that has been infiltrating our public school system and why he sees this as a major problem.

He compared the state of the country to a “prison yard” in which “everything is tribal.” 

Maher went on to warn that the country was heading down a dangerous path, especially in the area of public education.

Maher put the issues with the school systems squarely on the Democrats saying that they are the ones that “control it.” 

He further explained that “when you look at the Democrat Convention, it’s like three-quarters of them are teachers,” adding that even his sister is a teacher.

He told his viewers that he is “a big defender of teachers, but what’s going on in schools is outrageous, and somebody needs to answer for it.”

Attacks on school faculty members have become “routine”

The problem, according to Maher, is the lack of “authority” that modern day teachers have in the eyes of their students. 

Discussing a recent school shooting in Virginia where a six-year-old shot the teacher, he hit on an interview with that school’s librarian.

She told reporters that it’s “routine” to see students threatening and attacking staff at the school. 

This has become a sad reality that these teachers face, but one that is ultimately the fault of the powerful union bosses that are supposed to represent them.

Maher asked the rhetorical question, “how did we completely lose control?” 

Then he went on to explain what he saw happening. 

Children are no longer taught about respecting authority and instead are told that “the most important thing is expressing yourself at all times.”

He says that this has led to kids who “are never held responsible for anything or constantly being excused for everything” and he says that’s how we got here. 

Instead of learning colors, kids must “pick your pronoun”

“They need direction. People need authority,” Maher said adding, “especially kids!”

His guest Andrew Sullivan then started to pick at the woke ideologies and how they are ruining the environment that kids are growing up in. 

“Why does a 4-year-old come in, instead of teaching them the colors, you’re telling them, ‘Pick your pronoun’? Where on earth did that come from? And who told us it was going to be imposed on children?” asked Sullivan.

He continued “more and more, you look at this curriculum, it’s all about that stuff. It’s all about identity, it’s all about being queer or trans. Children can’t understand that stuff, not in kindergarten.”

Maher says it’s the hill Democrats will “die on”

Sullivan doubled down saying “it’s a lie” and wrong to tell kids “that people can choose to be a boy or a girl or neither or both or something else entirely.”

Maher responded, saying “I think the Biden administration is all-in on that” and that he doesn’t “understand why this is the hill the Democrat Party wants to die on.”

Bill Maher is slowly waking up and hopefully he’s bringing his audience with him.

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