Bill Maher just told Democrats exactly what is at stake with the radical woke ideology

Angela George, CC BY 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Real Time with Bill Maher has been entertaining millions of Democrat voters for over 20 years.

But the late-night television host has recently been dishing out complicated truths to his audience.

And Bill Maher just told Democrats exactly what is at stake with the radical woke ideology.

Most Americans don’t agree on what “woke” means 

Under the Biden administration, Republicans and Democrats are using the word “woke” more than ever. 

Most Republican politicians use it as a battle cry against the Left, but the Democrat establishment has attempted to deflect by pretending it’s a good thing.

Media outlets have declared that “America’s ‘war on woke’ is dying” and have asserted people “view ‘woke’ as a positive term.” 

But the truth is that most people simply don’t agree on what it even means. 

According to an Ipsos poll, 60 percent of Republicans view the term as an insult while 46 percent of Democrats view it as a compliment. 

The overwhelming majority of Democrats see it as defining someone who is “informed, educated on, and aware of social injustice.” 

Republicans largely believe it to mean someone who is “overly politically correct and police others’ words.” 

Now Bill Maher said that Democrats need to wake up to reality over “woke.”

Democrats are “aggressively anti-common sense”

Maher made an appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival recently where he was asked by Tina Brown to explain why he believed that Trump was still rising in the polls. 

The Real Time host explained that it wasn’t inflation, immigration, or Ukraine. 

Instead, it’s the Democrat Party’s departure from common sense.

“They are aggressively anti-common sense. The Democrats keep running on this one idea, saying to the American people, ‘You can’t possibly think you can do worse than Donald Trump,’” he explained. 

Meanwhile, people are growing frustrated over the Party’s obsession with the woke ideology. 

Maher explained that he had personal friends who complained to him about their “uber woke” kids. 

He said parents are tired of hearing that “it’s OK to have penises in the women’s swimming pool, in women’s prisons.”

“No, it’s not that I’m old, it’s that your ideas are stupid,” he said.

“We’re just looking for proof of life” in Biden

Maher believes that Democrats are emboldening Trump with their obsession around so-called social justice and said that they need to “own” his rising polls. 

The comedian went on to say that expecting Americans to fall in line on things like Ukraine is absurd. 

Instead, he said they should focus on finding common ground with Americans on issues that are “very close to their own home.” 

Maher seemed genuinely shocked about the Democrats’ ability to get the job done, with Biden saying that he is “benefiting from low expectations.” 

“Biden, we’re just looking for proof of life,” he said.

“Trump is going to be Trump, and I think we’re going to come away and nobody’s mind is going to change,” he explained. 

Maher’s recent turn on the Democrat Party should be a sign that things aren’t looking good for Biden’s campaign.

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