Bipartisan voices are demanding an end to the prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Photo by Espen Moe, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats and Republicans agree on an issue every once in a while. 

This time members of Congress are collaborating across party lines in hopes of thwarting one of Biden’s plans. 

And in a surprising turn of events, bipartisan voices are demanding an end to the prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY) and James McGovern (D-MA) are circulating a letter to their colleagues in the House of Representatives urging President Biden to withdraw the U.S. extradition request against Julian Assange and to halt all legal proceedings against him.

The call for Assange’s freedom comes amid international pressure, including Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who has consistently appealed to the U.S. to end the prosecution. 

In a “Dear Colleague” letter, Massie and McGovern highlighted the concerns of international media outlets, human rights advocates, and members of Congress regarding Assange’s case.

The controversy surrounding Assange stems from WikiLeaks’ publication of classified U.S. military documents, notably the 2010 release of cables leaked by Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. 

These documents exposed alleged war crimes, CIA torture practices, and other controversial military actions and sparked a global debate on government transparency and journalistic freedom.

The lawmakers argue that Assange’s prosecution could set a dangerous precedent, potentially criminalizing common journalistic practices. 

They emphasize that the 1917 Espionage Act, under which Assange is charged, was initially designed to punish government employees caught divulging state secrets, not journalists or whistleblowers informing the public about vital issues.

The unexpected support from both sides of the aisle underscores the complexity of Assange’s case. 

While critics argue that WikiLeaks’ publications jeopardized lives, supporters contend that Assange’s work exemplifies the duty of journalists to uncover hidden truths within the government.

With Assange potentially facing 175 years in an American maximum-security prison, the pressure on the Biden administration is reaching a boiling point. 

As the bipartisan call to end Assange’s prosecution gains momentum, the world watches to see how the administration responds and if this unlikely alliance can change the course of one of the most contentious legal battles in recent history. 

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