Bob Iger is laughing at American families all the way to the bank as Disney continues to flop

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Ever since getting fully in bed with the radical Left, Disney has been struggling with flop after flop in the theaters.

Disney executives claim that they’ve learned their lesson, but they turn around and prove otherwise with each new release. 

And Bob Iger is laughing at American families all the way to the bank as Disney continues to flop. 

Disney gets caught in a mouse trap

Disney  hasn’t been able to stop the bleeding since it decided to tussle with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. 

Ever since they joined forces with the most radical elements of the Left to oppose a bill that protected elementary school students from indoctrination, Disney has been losing fans, money, and workers. 

Things got worse when it was unearthed that Disney executives were sneaking LGBTQ messaging into its children’s content. 

They haven’t helped themselves by turning out one woke movie and series after the other, with The Marvels and Echo being just two recent examples.  

The media conglomerate’s radical relationship with the far-Left has led to bombs at the box office, short lines at amusement parks, tanking stock prices, and the loss of the company’s self-governing status. 

All of those negatives resulted in more than 7,000 layoffs company wide last year. 

But one Disney bigwig not only kept his job, but he also gave himself a hefty raise in the process. 

Bob Iger lays off thousands, but gives himself a huge raise

While laying off thousands of his employees last year, the Disney CEO more than doubled his own salary. 

According to Disney’s most recent Securities and Exchange Commission report, Iger paid himself $31.6 million for running a company that’s losing money, audiences, and prestige. 

In 2022, Iger’s salary was a meager $15 million, meaning he rewarded himself with a more than 100% raise of $16.6 million. 

Iger is one of the few exceptions in the Biden economy of someone who’s salary has grown faster than runaway inflation. 

According to Ziprecruiter, the average salary at Disney is about $35,000 annually. 

That means if Iger had been willing to settle for his measly $15 million salary, nearly 500 of the laid off workers would have been able to keep their jobs. 

What’s next for Iger and the Mouse?

Disney shares are currently languishing near three-year lows.

The stock was trading near $200 three years ago, but is now hovering around $90.

Meanwhile, Iger is continuing to cut costs in anticipation of more upcoming flops. 

Along with the 7,000 layoffs – which represented 3.2% of the entire Disney workforce – Breitbart News has reported Iger is planning to cut an additional $2 billion in spending. 

Perhaps he could have started those cuts by not doubling his salary. 

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