Brett Kavanaugh let out a chuckle after this uproar from woke students

Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh Official Portrait, Public Domain via Picryl

Even though leftists like to pretend that they are on the side of democracy and free speech, the exact opposite is true. 

The entire “woke” movement was founded by angry Marxists who try to silence those who do not fall in line with their extreme agenda. 

But Brett Kavanaugh let out a chuckle after this uproar from woke students.

The radical Left is the biggest enemy to American democracy

For the last several years, the radical Left has called Donald Trump and his millions of supporters a “threat to democracy.”

The rallying cry of the Democrat Party in 2022 was “democracy is on the ballot.” 

But it is the Left and the Democrat Party who oppose democracy and free speech. 

The Left showed the world how intolerant they really are this week on social media. 

Last month, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh met with a group of law students from Columbia University who are members of the school’s Federalist Society. 

Naturally, the group posed for a picture with Kavanaugh, just as any aspiring law student would when meeting a Supreme Court Justice. 

Upon discovering this picture on social media, at least 15 students at Columbia University went into a fit of rage, with some even claiming that the picture promotes hate.  

The National Lawyers Guild said the photo promotes “white supremacist, patriarchal violence in the law, legal education, and the everyday fabric of U.S. society.”

Another extreme far-Left group called Empowering Women of Color (EWOC) took things a step further by claiming “EWOC condemns Columbia Law School’s endorsement of Justice Kavanaugh on its social media. We cannot condone complicity with a man who is credibly accused of sexual assault.” 

“Given the ethos of our organization, we are also appalled that Columbia Law School would publicize its affiliation with someone essential to the Dobbs decision, which has disproportionately impacted women of color,” EWOC added.

The Columbia Law Women’s Association, a group intended to represent a “diverse group of women and femme-identifying individuals,” demanded that “Columbia Law School remove the post; issue an informed apology; and prove that it is capable of more than performative diversity.”

Although this group claims to represent a diverse group of women, the group failed to recognize that several females posed in the picture with Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Ivy League schools like Columbia have lost all of their prestige

The demands and outlandish claims from these extreme far-Left groups prove that Ivy League schools like Columbia are no longer reputable institutions for higher education. 

Saying that posing with a Supreme Court Justice is a form of white supremacy is not only laughable, but it also proves how close-minded and dogmatic academia has become. 

The entire purpose of college, and law school for that matter, is to educate young people to think for themselves and respond to challenges with reason. 

This uproar from these brainwashed Columbia students prove that our educational system is broken beyond repair and that western democracy is all but vanquished in America’s colleges. 

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