Brett Kavanaugh’s liberal neighbors are even getting fed up with the obnoxious leftist mob

Ever since the Supreme Court Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade was first leaked, the pro-abortion Left has been on the war path.

An unhinged left-wing mob has been gathering outside the homes of Supreme Court justices for weeks. 

And now Brett Kavanaugh’s liberal neighbors are even getting fed up with the obnoxious leftist mob. 

According to The Washington Post, at least seven of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s neighbors have expressed concern with the ongoing demonstrations just outside their residences.

Some neighbors who have asked the protestors to quiet down have been called “facists” and “Karens” and the pro-abortion mob has targeted them with vulgar chants saying “f— you,” and “f— your children.”

“They just call us fascists,” Lyric Winik, a resident of the neighborhood, told The Post. “Nothing about this is healthy. We’ve got kids on this street scared to leave their homes.”

Winik said that the majority of her neighbors agree that the protests have gotten out of hand.

“I do think they’re hurting their own cause,” she said.

Even those who agree with them have had enough

One neighbor, who is herself a pro-abortion activist, has had enough of the mob.

Emily Strulson, who had marched in favor of abortion and wrote on her driveway in chalk “Reproduction Rights are Human Rights,” described the protestors as “loud and vulgar.”

“I understand where their passion comes from,” she said, “but I’ve had enough.”

Of course, the radical Left doesn’t care about the impact their actions have on everyday people who are just trying to go about their lives. 

As we saw during the 2020 riots, left-wing protestors will beat up innocent bystanders and destroy small businesses in order to get their point across. 

Of course, the Fake News Media always portrays leftist protesters as “mostly peaceful” but we know that is almost never the case.

As we have seen numerous times, leftist mobs often turn to violence. 

There has already been a man arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home who admitted that he intended to assassinate the Supreme Court Justice over the Dobbs ruling.

The man was picked up after 1:00AM in the neighborhood and had a Glock 17 pistol, ammunition, pepper spray, duct tape, zip ties, and a knife with him.

Across the country, left-wing pro-abortion terrorist groups have vandalized and firebombed churches and crisis pregnancy centers. 

These protests are clearly getting out of hand and should not be allowed to continue.

Violating federal law

In fact, the act of protesting outside a judge’s home with intent to influence a judicial decision is a federal crime. 

If we had a Justice Department that did their job, these leftists would be arrested. 

Instead, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is allowing them to continue on while he chases the supposed “threat” of “right wing extremists” like mom’s who attend their kids’ school board meetings. 

It is shameful that the Justice Department has become so politicized under the Biden administration. 

But that is how the Left operates, they never go after their own no matter what.

And now innocent people can’t even have peace in their own homes.

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