Build-A-Bear placed a weird cryptid online but it’s already sold out

Tyler Vigen, CC BY 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The Build-A-Bear franchise is a beloved retailer that features adorable stuffed bears and other animals that kids can make in the store.

This popular stuffed toy seller has long been a favorite among young children.

And Build-A-Bear placed a weird cryptid online but it’s already sold out.

Build-A-Bear sells stuffed Mothman

Mothman is a legendary cryptid that got its roots in West Virginia, but Build-A-Bear decided to capitalize on the story by selling a stuffed version of the weird creature online.

The Mothman plush sold out within just a few hours of its release on the company’s website.

The official Build-A-Bear account posted on X that “the man. The moth. The lovable legend! Our new Mothman plush is now available exclusively online.”

“This paranormal plush is inspired by the legend of the humanoid creature with glowing eyes – only way cuter and cuddlier,” the company continued.

Build-A-Bear also uploaded an unboxing of the new plush as part of the post. 

The Mothman plush is described as a “mysterious winged friend” who “appears by popular demand – or does he?”  

“This paranormal plush has soft black fur with bright red eyes,” the website reads.

It can be customized with “outfits, sounds, scents, and accessories to make him even more unique.”

Mothman has a price tag of $25.50 and can be purchased as a stuffed or unstuffed version.

For now, he is the only item listed under the Build-A-Bear website’s “Lovable Legends” category.

There was also a “Mothman Plush Legend Gift Set” for $49, which included the plush wearing a pair of jeans, black sneakers, and a T-shirt with the words “The Man. The Moth. The Legend.” printed on the front. 

However, both the plush and the gift set were displayed as being “out of stock” within just hours of them announcing the release. 

The story of Mothman

Mothman is a legendary creature that has been described as a “menacing figure standing six to seven feet tall” with bright red eyes.

The story originated when two couples in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, saw a weird creature near an abandoned National Guard Army building and power plant on November 15, 1966.

Supposedly, the thing they saw started to fly and “rose up like a helicopter,” according to the Smithsonian.

The Point Pleasant Register reported the incident the next day with a headline that said “Couples See Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something.”

The Athens Register published the story with the headline, “Winged, Red-Eyed ‘Thing’ Chases Point Pleasant Couples Across Countryside.”

Strangely, tragedy struck the West Virginia town not too long after the Mothman legend took hold.

Exactly 13 months to the day of the sighting, the Silver Bridge that linked Point Pleasant to Gallipolis, Ohio, collapsed into the Ohio River and killed 46 people. 

According to the West Virginia DOT, it was the “deadliest bridge disaster in modern history.”

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