Californians are fed up and abandoning their state en masse to head this freedom-loving state

The past few years have made people think twice about the state that they live in.

Democrat-controlled cities and states are making it harder than ever to live the American dream.

Now Californians are fed up and abandoning their state en masse to head this freedom-loving state.

California loses most people for three years in a row

It’s official. 

California was the number one state to move out of for the past three years now. 

New data from U-Haul has California officials in panic mode as they continue to watch their population decline. 

The U-Haul Growth Index helps the company compare performance amongst states for strategic purposes. 

It does this by calculating net loss of people represented in one-way U-Haul trucks sent out of state.

It also provides some interesting political insights as it highlights the exodus happening in blue states.

According to U-Haul President, John Taylor, the company is experiencing “significant customer demand to move out of some geographic areas” adding that most of the people are going to “destinations at the top of [their] growth list.”

Top 5 biggest losers have Democrat Governors

Looking at 2022’s biggest losers you’ll notice a trend. 

Those states in order were California, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York. 

All three are traditionally solid blue states. 

On the other hand, four of the top five states for growth on the U-Haul index have Republican Governors. 

The number one state for growth according to the report was Texas. 

According to the Texas Realtors’ association most of this can be attributed to people moving from California. 

Their data says that in 2020 they were up 36 percent in Californians moving to the state.

Abbott’s spokesperson says people “vote with their feet”

A spokesperson for Governor Greg Abbott told the New York Post this is all about the state’s “booming economy.” 

He says “people and businesses vote with their feet, and they are choosing to move to Texas more than any other state in the country.”

Florida has also been seeing massive population growth. 

It has been a top three growth destination for U-Haul for the past seven years. 

According to the James Madison Institute, Florida saw almost 330,000 people take up residency from April 2020 to April 2021. That’s nearly 903 people per day.

It’s not a mystery why people are moving out of blue states. 

High taxes and high crime rates plague every single one.

Fifty percent of people in Illinois worry about gun violence

Illinois ranks higher than the national average on violent crime, property crime, and gun violence according to SafeWise

Their polling shows that 56% of people in Illinois are worried about violent crime and 50% are worried about gun violence.

According to the same report, 56% of Californians “are concerned on a daily basis that crime might happen to them.” 

The state also reported “the third-highest number of mass shootings in 2021” with 46 events.

Americans want to feel safe and they’re starting to show the Governors in these radical Left states that they’re done with them. 

The only thing we can hope is they don’t take their defund police mentality to the red states.

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