Car enthusiasts were shocked by this list of the seven most overrated sports cars on the market 

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Sports cars have long been among the most popular vehicles on the road.

People will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single high-end sports car.

But car enthusiasts were shocked by this list of the seven most overrated sports cars on the market.

Owning a top end sports car has been the stuff of dreams for most car enthusiasts.

This list of nightmare sports cars has the motor world buzzing

But according to at least one writer, there are sports cars that are more nightmares than they are dream cars.

Sports cars have a long and storied history.

They are the favorite go-to of many car enthusiasts and men going through their mid-life crises.

Their sleek and sexy design, great handling, and speed make them a desirable addition to almost anyone’s car collection.

For many men, buying a sports car is a way to bring back some of their virility and attractiveness. 

Of course, the average sports car is far beyond reach and remains only a dream car.

But for those in the market for one of these high-end “chick magnets,” Blaze Media’s Lauren Fix created a list of the seven most overrated sports cars to avoid.

Lauren Fix is a nationally recognized automotive expert, author, and journalist. 

She is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and is an ASE-certified technician. 

Fix has been fixing, restoring, rebuilding, and even racing cars since the age of 10.

The seven sports cars to avoid

Maserati GranTurismo

This $174,000 vehicle is at the top of nearly every automotive expert’s list of cars to avoid.

While the GranTurismo catches the eye of many drivers for its stylish design and its performance, owners have repeated trouble with its reliability. 

Many owners report problems with both its engine and electrical system. 

And when things do go wrong, the repairs are wildly expensive. 

Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora was discontinued in 2021 and is an extraordinary automobile. 

It has been described as the “perfectly imperfect sports car.” 

But with a starting price of $100,000, Fix notes that “a little less imperfection would be nice.”

“The Evora offers an exhilarating driving experience, when it wants to — many owners have found it to be less than reliable over the long term,” she added. 

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar has been synonymous with power, performance, and style, since the very beginning.

But the British luxury car has unfortunately also developed a reputation for frequent breakdowns. 

And that reputation has continued with the Jaguar F-Type.

As Fix noted, “the Jaguar F-Type is a beautiful car with a powerful engine lineup, but some owners report electronic and powertrain issues, which can be costly to repair out of warranty. With a starting price of $78,000, the last thing drivers need is frequent trips to the shop — especially when several attractive Jaguar rivals are an option.”

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo discontinued the 4C in 2020. 

But it remains a popular sports car with its legion of loyalists.

According to Fix, “its many little issues can turn into an ordeal of death by a thousand cuts.”

While the Alfa Romeo 4C is a pure driver’s car, it requires major sacrifices in comfort and convenience.

It has a sparse cabin and no power steering. 

As Fix said, “while it’s a blast on the track, those looking for a sports car to enjoy on all occasions might prefer the Porsche Cayman, which offers thrilling performance without compromising on comfort.”

BMW i8

Just like the Alfa Romeo 4C, the BMW i8 ceased production in 2020. 

And just like the Alfa, the BMW i8 has competitors that are a much better use of your money.

The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid with a futuristic design. 

According to Fix, “it’s a head-turner for sure, but its performance doesn’t quite live up to its supercar looks. For the price, the Acura NSX, among others, offers better performance and a more engaging driving experience.”

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R, with its 565 horsepower, has the power to match its $120,990 starting price. 

But it has failed to keep up with the modern times and lacks many of the upgrades of its competitors.

“And yet the lack of significant upgrades in recent memory means this one-time challenger to modern supercars now feels like one of the most clichéd sports cars on the road,” she wrote. “If I were looking for more bang for my buck, I’d consider some Porsche models or even yield to a whim and go for a Corvette.”

Porsche Carrera GT

Sports car enthusiasts with a lot of money to spend almost always look at the Carrera GT. 

The car is truly a thing of beauty and is packed with power and performance. 

But that means the car can be deadly.

“This is not your average car for your average driver,” she wrote. “Safety features are insufficient enough to disqualify it from your short list. While having some professional driving skills will help you handle the fearsome 5.7-liter engine, it has such a tight margin for error that all but the most experienced drivers will find this car challenging.”

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