Catholic Cardinal left jaws on the floor when he cancelled a major pro-life event

The Catholic Church has historically been one of the most solidly pro-life organizations in the world. 

But pro-abortion forces have infiltrated the Church and are trying to move it away from this important doctrine. 

And a Catholic Cardinal left jaws on the floor when he cancelled a major pro-life event.

Why would they cancel this?

For the last 25 years, the Washington Archdiocese has held an annual youth rally and Mass for Life in conjunction with the March for Life. 

But this year it has been canceled and some are wondering if internal Church politics are to blame. 

The Archdiocese said the cancellation was a “difficult decision” that followed “a consultation process that involved dialogue with other dioceses, ministry leaders and the partners who assist the Archdiocese in hosting the annual Rally and Mass.”

Cardinal Wilton Gregory, who heads the Washington Archdiocese has a history of enabling pro-abortion politicians who profess to be Catholic. 

Gregory has stated that he will not deny Holy Communion to Joe Biden, despite Joe Biden’s unrepentant support for abortion. 

Even worse, Gregory even invited rabidly pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi to speak from the pulpit during a funeral. 

Gregory tries to justify this by saying Bishops are “not there as police, we’re there as pastors.”

But allowing known unrepentant pro-abortion radicals to receive Holy Communion is not acting a pastor, it’s caving to the woke mob. 

Those who support abortion should certainly be welcome to attend Mass but they should not receive Holy Communion until they confess and repent from their sin. 

Every Catholic knows that taking Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin is itself a mortal sin. 

It is not uncommon for Catholics who attend Mass to not accept Communion at the time for this reason. 

How is knowingly enabling one of your parishioners to commit a mortal sin behaving as a pastor?

The canceling of this important event is another sign that some within the Church are straying from its teachings. 

Supporting murder through abortion is incompatible with being a true Catholic. 

The Church should not be backing off on this position to appease the Left. 

Fighting for life is more important now than ever

The March for Life has stressed the importance of continuing these events after the fall of Roe v. Wade.

“As we unveil our historic 2023 March for Life theme which will guide us towards our 50th anniversary and through our first post-Roe march, we seek to inspire clarity and enthusiasm among all pro-life people in this critical next phase of building a culture of life,” the March’s website reads.

“On January 20, we will celebrate the 50th annual March for Life and the momentous overturn of Roe v. Wade!” it adds. “We will honor those who have gone before us making this historic victory possible, and we will present the strategic plan for building a culture of life in this moment in time.”

So far, 13 states have passed laws protecting the unborn. 

It’s a great start, but pro-lifers still have much work to do. 

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