Catholic Hospitals are now under the microscope for these controversial practices

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Each day the modern church undermines centuries of religious teachings based on the Bible.

Some so-called traditional churches have even gotten to the point where they are flying the Pride flag.

And Catholic Hospitals are now under the microscope for these controversial practices.

Christians are called to push back on the woke ideology infecting faith in America

American Christians are coming to the point where they realize that their church has gone astray. After 2,000 years, the church has turned its back on the source of their faith, the Bible. This has led to Christians praying that the Lord would separate the wheat from the chaff.

They pray that woke ideologies will be rejected by the church. They pray that their fellow Christians will seek the truth and return to the word of God. But most of all, they pray that these faithful followers of Christ will repent and seek forgiveness.

Though many believe that the battle is already won, others see the hellscape that is taking over earth and are answering the call to occupy the world in the name of Jesus. That includes pushing back on the churches going against the teaching of the Bible.

Now one Catholic research group is exposing an industry that was largely founded by faith.

Largest Catholic health group attacks the faith like “traitors” from within

Lepanto Institute is a Catholic research and education group that describes itself as a group “dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within.” They said that the Church is currently under attack by “armies, heretics, [and] traitors.”

They recently exposed the largest Catholic health system in America, CommonSpirit Health. They said that the hospital group is going against the teachings of the Church by “performing and funding transgender surgeries and therapies.” 

They released their report alongside a video accusing leadership in the Catholic faith of turning a blind eye. “The transgender craze has seized the world by the throat and is choking the life out of the bedrock of civilization: the family. And this is happening right under the nose of the Vatican,” the video asserts.  

The founder of the Lepanto Institute authored the report highlighting the subversion of the Church.

Michael Hichborn calls out the group for providing “benefits” covering gender changing care

Lepanto founder Michael Hichborn said the report addresses saddening and horrific actions that have led to the Catholic Church’s fading morality. He said he wants “to make sure that Catholics are Catholics and that those who operate in the name of the Catholic Church do so in line with all of Her teachings.”

He slammed CommonSpirit for “gross defiance” of the Catholic Church. He said not only do they provide “sex-change operations,” but they also subsidize these procedures through “employee benefits that cover surgeries as well as transgender hormone treatments and even puberty blockers for kids.”

Hichborn said it’s “horrifying” to consider the “permanent damage” that puberty blockers do to young children. He said it was a “lie” that these drugs put a pause on children’s development, noting that “it doesn’t put a pause on it; it actually damages these kids to the point that many of them wind up being sterile.”

The Catholic Church needs this major U-turn in order to address the declining cultural relevancy and outright degeneracy taking place in society.

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