Catholics are furious after the Pope made this one hypocritical move

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There has never been a more radically far-Left Pope than Pope Francis.

Time and time again, Pope Francis has broken from tradition by chiming in regarding political issues like climate change, race relations, and foreign policy. 

But now Catholics are furious after the Pope made this one hypocritical move.

The Pope’s latest move could cause millions of Catholics to turn against him

It is no secret that Pope Francis is further to the Left than any of his predecessors.

This has been very apparent in recent months after the Pope’s condemnation of conservative Bishops within his ranks.

In fact, Pope Francis went as far as to fire a conservative Bishop in Texas this past week.

Meanwhile, Francis has been very quiet about a Chinese bishop, Bishop Joseph Shen Bin, who recently espoused his support of the Communist Chinese Government.

It should be noted that Shen Bin was not appointed with Papal approval, however Francis has done little to condemn his radical viewpoints.

On the Chinese News Service, Bishop Joseph Shen Bin said that “sinicization is a directional issue: a signpost and a direction to adapt to the socialist society, as well as an inherent rule and a fundamental requirement for the survival and development of the Catholic Church in China itself.”

Shen Bin describes sinicization as the practice of “not to change religious beliefs, but to better adapt and integrate into society.”

Or, in other words, Shen believes that the whims of the state come before his faith. 

While Pope Francis chose his words carefully to address these concerning comments, he had no problem firing Bishop Joseph Strickland in Texas, who is an outspoken critic of the Pope.

Bishop Strickland presided over the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, and recently tweeted that he believes Pope Francis is “undermining the deposit of faith.”

Strickland has also gone on record calling the Church “weak” under the watch and leadership of Pope Francis and his cronies in the Vatican. 

Pope Francis has earned a reputation for making targeted and seemingly political moves throughout his reign as Pope, creating massive rifts in the faith. 

Many Catholics disapprove of Pope Francis for getting involved in political matters, often siding with the center-Left on issues like abortion and foreign policy. 

The future of the Catholic Church could be in jeopardy under the watch of Pope Francis

There has never been a Pope quite like Pope Francis, due in part to his left-wing beliefs and his exposure to the masses.

Pope Francis has angered millions of Catholics with his weak stance on abortion, gay marriage, and a number of other hot-button issues.

Francis has made it abundantly clear that he is more progressive than his predecessors, and many worry that his politicization of the office could turn millions away from the Catholic Church. 

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