CBS declared they were “ready to worship” ahead of this controversial performance at the Grammys

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Hollywood A-listers live in a totally different world than the rest of the American public. 

They’ve shown they’re not afraid to flaunt their decadent lifestyles and push their bizarre and twisted immorality on their audiences.

But CBS went too far when they declared they were “ready to worship” ahead of this controversial performance at the Grammys.

Hollywood has always been more like “Hollyweird.”

Even in the heyday of big powerful studios who kept actors and actresses in check, there was an underbelly of immorality and decadence unlike anything in “real” America.

But this year’s Grammy Awards show, and the media’s role in it, went farther than anyone thought they would go.

CBS tells Twitter they are “ready to worship” Satan

CBS recently made headlines over a very controversial statement that left many users on Twitter outraged. 

Ahead of a now infamous and perverted Satanic performance by Sam Smith, the media company posted on its official Twitter account that it was “ready to worship” at the Grammy Awards later that evening.

The post was in response to a graphic posted by Smith showing him rehearsing for that evening’s performance. 

His photo was of him wearing a Satan-inspired top hat with horns coming out of the sides. 

He shared the image alongside the caption, “This is going to be SPECIAL.”

Smith posted the image shortly before the Grammys began and it’s hard to say if many people even caught the depiction of the devil ahead of time. 

The CBS account responded to it following his performance according to internet archives.

People left wondering if that really just happened

The following day, Twitter users saw CBS’ reply to Smith and were outraged over the media company’s decision to declare they were “ready to worship” Satan. 

Several high-profile accounts took note and shared their post. 

The Media Research Center shared the image and asked, “Did CBS just admit it worships Satan?”

Famed Donald Trump impersonator Shawn Farash pointed to the comedy in it. 

He wrote, “Gotta love @CBS openly admitting that they, alongside Sam Smith, ‘WORSHIP’…the devil.” Farash made sure to point out that they were “their words” and not his.

Former Republican congressional candidate and music video director, Robby Starbuck said that it was an overt admission showing the media company was clearly “compromised by evil.”

The public outrage led to CBS deleting the tweet but images and archives of the post are still available.

Grammys are down substantially in viewership

CBS has been broadcasting the Grammys for well over a decade hoping for ratings boosts from the awards show

The media giant most recently renewed their contract to broadcast the Grammys with the Recording Academy in 2016 after seeing over 25 million tune in earlier that year. 

But since the 2016 renewal, the Grammys has lost more than half of its audience according to Statista. 

They’ve been on a steady decline since their peak in 2012 when they saw nearly 40 million viewers.

Some have speculated that the platforming of Smith and his satanic performance at the Grammys is just a way to spark outrage and get attention over controversy. 

But it may be too little too late as viewership continues to decline steadily.

CBS has promoted satanic activities before

It should be pointed out CBS has been known to write sympathetic stories for satanism in the past. 

A simple internet search for “CBS News Satan” returns some interesting results. 

One article by CBS about an “After School Satan” informed readers that the Satanic Temple isn’t about worshiping the Devil.

Another article published by CBS in December of last year told people living in Illinois where they could find a Satanic holiday display at Christmas time.

Some may think these things are just coincidence but it’s definitely looking more and more like an overt attempt to promote and normalize Satanism to the public.

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