Chaos just erupted at a school board meeting in Los Angeles over Pride Month indoctrination

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America is a toxic waste dump of morality and it’s starting to take a toll on cultural cohesion.

The most influential people in society are pushing degenerative behaviors on children.

And chaos just erupted at a school board meeting in Los Angeles over Pride Month indoctrination.

Rumored discussions of LGBTQ curriculum at California school led to violence at school board meeting

Parents across America are fed up with the LGBTQ agenda being pushed on their children. That’s why they’ve been turning up at school board meetings in droves over the past couple of years. Things are starting to heat up and one protest in California turned violent this week.

The Glendale Unified School District in southern California made headlines this week when a protest turned violent during a vote on the school’s recognition of Pride Month. The school has been celebrating Pride Month for the past four years, but this year parents pushed back.

Reports indicate that protesters showed up to push back on curriculum based around transgender ideology, as the board was voting on observing Pride Month. One parent told KTLA5 that “bringing in curriculum for K-6 on gender ideology, that is what we are against.”

The local police department had to deploy dozens of officers to deal with the situation.

Police used their batons to control the angry crowd

The protest at Glendale started before the school board meeting and it turned violent when agitators descended on the demonstration. The group grew to nearly 200 people before total chaos and violence began to unfold.

Video of the event shows people punching each other while the police attempted to bring the crowd under control. Police ordered everyone to leave the scene.  When everyone ignored the police, they started using their batons against the group. 

Police eventually quelled the protest that resulted in the arrest of at least 3 people. According to local media, the protesters were charged with obstructing an official government proceeding and using pepper spray as a weapon. 

Comments from people on each side of the protest show just how divided our country really is.

Conservative parent: LGBTQ curriculum “confuses” children instead of teaching them

Though the school board meeting was about observing Pride Month, people on both sides thought it was about LGBTQ curriculum in school. Maebe Putlo said she sees the children today facing the same confusing feelings that she grew up with when she was a kid.

“[LGBTQ curriculum] should be taught because so many of them already at three years old know who they are, and they need to know the options they have in life,” Putlo said, before adding that she wished kids could be educated on these issues because she “grew up feeling totally alone.”

On the other side of the argument, Philip George said he believed people were pushing these ideas on kids too early. “We were talking about children,” he said. “They are not ready for such choices,” he continued, before adding that “it confuses them and ultimately these are the things that parents should decide.”

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