Chicago revelers just took things to a dangerous and wild new level

Samuel Wantman, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

At one point, the city of Chicago represented everything great about America. 

However, this dynamic has completely changed under the watch of radical Democrats. 

And Chicago revelers just took things to a dangerous and wild new level. 

Chicago’s pride parade devolved into complete and utter mayhem 

For years, Chicago served as a hub for world-class architecture, delicious food, and innovation. 

People traveled from all over to start their lives in the Windy City, which made Chicago one of America’s largest cities and manufacturing hubs. 

In today’s world, Chicago represents everything wrong with America and embodies the failed policies of the radical Left. 

Reports emerge daily of senseless homicides, robberies, and gang attacks, yet Democrats do not seem prepared to act anytime soon. 

Much to the embarrassment of many old-school Chicago residents, Chicago hosted a massive Pride Month celebration last Sunday, which devolved into utter chaos. 

According to law enforcement officers, Pride Month revelers took things to a dangerous and raucous new level after the official ceremonies. 

Over 50 people were arrested for acts ranging from dancing on top of public buses to throwing bottles at people. 

Police also recounted countless fights, not to mention all of the property damage that resulted from the parade. 

In one instance, a belligerent 20-year-old woman lashed out at the police. 

Following the chaos, the Chicago Police Department stated that “without the responsiveness and attention of the men and women of CPD, the residents, businesses and visitors to this area of the city would have likely faced increased criminal activity well into the early morning hours.”

“Our officers worked 12-hour shifts and canceled days off to ensure we had sufficient resources to protect all those who were living, visiting, and working in the area during and after the parade. We thank our officers for upholding their commitment to keeping our city safe,” the Chicago Police Department added. 

Other cities across the nation saw similar bouts of violence and chaos following their respective Pride Month festivities.

New York City made international headlines after a series of brawls broke out at Washington Square Park. 

Many Americans fear that these large gatherings for Pride Month will attract violence and drunkenness, turning many away from these sorts of events, which encourages a party lifestyle and sexual deviance. 

The events in Chicago and New York will have many Americans thinking twice before hosting pride events next year 

For the first time in years, it appears that many Americans and businesses have started to turn their backs on the radical LGBT movement. 

Previously, it seemed like every company, sports team, and public entity would go all out for Pride Month. 

However, this year many companies and sports teams refused to participate in the celebration. 

Many attribute this change to the radical turn that the LGBT movement has taken towards targeting children for sex-change operations. 

It may also have to do with the chaos and violence at these events, as witnessed in Chicago and New York City. 

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