Chris Christie made a huge 2024 announcement that left jaws on the floor

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Chris Christie entered the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary for the sole purpose of stopping Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

Christie followed through on his single-minded anti-Trump campaign.

And now Chris Christie made a huge 2024 announcement that left jaws on the floor.

The establishment and the donor class put the screws on Chris Christie to get out of the race.

A CNN/University of New Hampshire poll found Trump leading former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by 39 to 32 percent in the Granite State, with Christie lagging far behind in third place with 12 percent of the vote.

Swamp RINOs and the GOP donor class wanted Christie out of the race for a reason.

They figured his supporters would flock to Nikki Haley’s campaign and thus allow her to pull off a victory in the New Hampshire Primary.

Less than two weeks before the New Hampshire Primary, Christie bowed to the wishes of the establishment and dropped out of the race.

Christie ended his Presidential campaign by spewing his trademark vitriol against Donald Trump and his supporters.

“Donald Trump wants you to be angry every day because he’s angry. He wants you to be angry so that you’ll relate to his anger and then vote for him. Please understand this. I have known him well for 22 years – more than anybody else in this race has known him. And I can promise you this. If you put him back behind the desk in the Oval Office and the choice comes and the decision needs to be made as to whether he puts himself first or he puts you first, how much more evidence do you need that he will pick himself?” Christie said during a speech announcing his withdrawal from the race.

Christie then offered up his own version of “diversity is our strength” as to why Republicans should reject nominating Donald Trump for a third time.

“And if that is what we have there, then people are gonna remain angry, remain divided, and become even more exhausted than they are today. The country that I think we should choose is the country that recognizes that our differences have always been our strength, not a weakness, not something to divide us and anger us, but our differences have been our strength. We come from different countries at different times to different places with different skills, with different religions,” Christie added.

Christie dropping out of the race gives the establishment as close to a one-on-one confrontation between their handpicked candidate and Trump.

Since 2016, RINOs like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell have believed that the establishment could wrest the nomination away from Trump if they could winnow the GOP field down to two candidates.

But now they are left with Haley, who picks up the lion’s share of her support from woke, college educated leftists and Never-Trumpers.

And the establishment is going to try and drag Haley across the finish line on the backs of people who typically support Democrats and don’t vote in GOP Primaries.

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