Chris Cuomo said two words about getting fired from CNN that put jaws on the floor

Screenshot via Youtube, CNN

Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign over a sex allegation scandal.

His brother Chris also got booted from CNN.

And Chris Cuomo said two words about getting fired from CNN that put jaws on the floor.

Chris Cuomo was fired from his job as a CNN host in 2021 for his involvement in covering up the sexual assault allegations against his brother, former Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Now he’s admitting that it was a bitter pill to swallow.

On a recent podcast, Cuomo claimed he was going to “kill everybody” after the firing,  including himself.

Of course, Chris Cuomo has a history of hotheadedness.

The late Rush Limbaugh branded him as “Fredo” after the dim brother from the Corleone crime family in the blockbuster film The Godfather. 

Unfortunately for Cuomo, the moniker stuck with him.

In a tense confrontation in 2019, a man sarcastically told Cuomo (while claiming that he actually thought his name was Fredo) that “you’re a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem to be on television.” 

Cuomo then threatened him by saying, “you’re going to have a big f*ing problem … don’t insult me like that … you know my name’s not Fredo. … I’ll f*ing throw you down these stairs like a f*ing punk.”

Cuomo told former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci that he “had to accept his firing because he was going to kill everybody, including himself.”

“At CNN, I wasn’t set up to be No. 1,” Cuomo said. “I wasn’t the big name there. I didn’t have the big team, they didn’t do the advertising for me. But I was still No. 1. Why? Because it was the best show. Because I was giving people what they needed at that moment. It’s hard to keep perspective on that because it’s kind of embarrassing. I will never be No. 1 again. I believe that was taken, I believe wrongly. I will litigate that. I am not going to bitch about it in the press.”

Cuomo is suing CNN for $60 million and President Chris Licht has said that he would “absolutely not” rehire him to the network.

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