Chris Pratt is back in theaters as the voice of another beloved childhood favorite

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Chris Pratt loves America and Jesus.

That alone is enough for the cancel culture mob to seek his demise.

But Chris Pratt is back in theaters as the voice of another beloved childhood favorite. 

Introducing Chris Pratt as Garfield 

Chris Pratt has come a long way since his role as the loveable loser Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec

Pratt has risen to become one of the biggest action stars with hits like Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and The Tomorrow War

The openly patriotic Christian thumbed his nose at the woke outrage mob with his Amazon Prime series, The Terminal List

He offered parents a safe movie that the entire family can enjoy when he voiced the iconic character Mario in Nintendo and Universal Pictures’ The Super Mario Brothers Movie

Pratt is once again lending his voice to an iconic childhood favorite – Garfield

But your Woke or Watch team is on the case to determine if this animated movie, also starring Samuel L. Jackson and rapper Snoop Dogg, is safe for kids or if it’s another woke propaganda film out of Hollywood aimed at indoctrinating the next generation. 

Woke Or Watch review of The Garfield Movie 

The Garfield Movie starts by giving the audience a little background as to how Garfield ended up in John Arbuckle’s home. 

From there it quickly establishes some of the character traits that fans of Garfield most readily identify with, including how the orange tabby has a bottomless belly, loves lasagna, and mourns Mondays. 

But that’s where what you’re familiar with from the old comic strips and Saturday morning cartoons ends and a new adventure for Garfield starts outside the comfort of the Arbuckle household. 

Garfield and Otto are kidnapped, but it turns out to be a ploy for felonious feline Jinx to lure Garfield’s biological father, Vic, into a trap.  

Vic saves the domesticated duo just in time, but their safety doesn’t last.

The bulk of the movie follows the trio as they try to evade the bad guys and confront their uncomfortable reunion. 

Is it woke? 

Director Mark Dindal (The Emperor’s New Groove) certainly morphed Garfield to reflect millennial and Gen Z culture. 

For one, the fat cat is glued to his smartphone. 

And this new, nicer Garfield, no longer pranks Otto just for the fun of it. 

Audiences are in store for an accepting and tolerant Garfield. 

However, Dindal stayed true to John Arbuckle’s character.

In other words, John is still a beta-male. 

It would be easy to blame that on woke culture, but John has been beta since Jim Davis first created the character all the way back in 1978. 

There is one very quick scene where two gentlemen are getting their picture taken together at one of those photo-op boards. 

It’s incredibly quick and even more subtle, but the two men are holding hands, which is not typically what guys do when having their pictures taken together. 

The film even includes a refreshing twist toward the end that goes against the conventional Hollywood elites’ line about dads. 

So, while the movie has tamed the main character, it’s not woke and is suitable for children. 

But is it any good? 

However, if your child or grandchild is dying to see the animated tale, that’s about the only reason there is to see it. 

Garfield The Movie isn’t even good for a nostalgia romp since the cat has been so heavily neutered. 

The movie makers entirely missed the point of why people loved Garfield. 

It was his cynicism and sarcasm that was loved by fans. 

Turning Garfield into a victim – in multiple ways – misses the point of Garfield. 

While Bill Murray’s turn voicing the iconic cat sounded a lot more like the original voice provided by Lorenzo Music, Pratt did a fine job here. 

Critics have been shredding his performance, but one can never tell if they actually didn’t like it or if they’re just mad that Pratt openly loves America and Jesus. 

Pratt’s portrayal of a fatigued feline is brighter, lighter, and more uplifting than past portrayals. 

And while that’s not what Garfield is supposed to be, it is what this edition of the movie called for. 

But in the end, the movie misses the mark because the writers and director couldn’t pin the tail on the cat. 

With that in mind, Woke or Watch doesn’t recommend checking out The Garfield Movie unless there’s a little one in your life who truly loves the character. 

But even then, some cartoon reruns might make for a more enjoyable time together.  

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