Christians are disgusted after this college Chaplain did the unthinkable

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All across the nation, Christians are the subject of mockery and ridicule.

The radical Left has made it their mission to belittle Christians.

And Christians are disgusted after this college Chaplain did the unthinkable.

Christianity and Christians are under attack in America

Over the last several years, a number of alarming events have shown that both Christians and Christianity are under attack in America.

In many cases, Christians have become subject to mockery without any recourse.

At Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, college Chaplain Beatrix Weil made national headlines after promoting an event that spits in the face of Christian values.

The event, which is titled “BDSM 101,” was designed to teach students about the ins and outs of BDSM fetishes.

“Chaplain Beatrix will host a local dominatrix to share wisdom on how to safely, sanely and consensually learn about bondage, discipline-domination, sadism-submission and masochism,” an invitation to the invite read.  “There will be an opportunity to ask questions anonymously.”

However, it did not take long for university officials to cancel this event.

Linda Bonnin, a representative for Rhodes College, issued a statement about the incident.

“The proposed event was canceled Friday as soon as it came to our attention,” Bonnin wrote. “The event was not vetted through appropriate approval channels. No such event is planned for our campus.”

She added that “we recognize we need to do some work on our event approval processes, so we are reviewing that and will make changes as appropriate.”

One outraged student at Rhodes College, Coleman Clay, blasted the event as “absolutely ridiculous” to local Fox 13.

Clay went on to say that “I don’t think anything sexual like that or any seminar like that should be held on a college campus.”

He added that “even though this is a private school and they can get away with it, I don’t think that that belongs here, especially at Rhodes where I go. I’m not proud of it.”

Other columnists in the area have similarly slammed the proposed event, claiming that it has no educational value and casts a bad light on the school. 

However, Edith Love, a so-called minister in the far-Left Unitarian Universalist Church, came out in support of the event by saying that she is a member of the BDSM community herself. 

“There’s something deeply spiritual and beautiful about human beings who, with consent, do things with their bodies to make each other happy,” Love said.

This proposed event reveals the deep divide amongst Christians in modern times

Although most people were quick to criticize this perverse event, some Christians came out in support of it, which shows a deep divide amongst Christians in America.

Although there is a small, yet growing, portion of far-Left Christians who support events and perversion like this, most still believe these types of events are humiliating and shameful. 

The majority of Christians would agree that Rhodes College was right to cancel the event.

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