Christians are in disbelief after NBC news made this gut-wrenching claim

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Every time a national tragedy takes place, the mainstream media jumps to illogical conclusions before even taking a single breath. 

These types of political games are currently on full display across the left-wing media. 

And Christians are in disbelief after NBC news made this gut-wrenching claim

The mainstream media has no shame when it comes to attacking Christians and gun owners

A common narrative among leftists is that so-called assault rifles are entirely to blame for mass shootings. 

Following the most recent shooting in Nashville, the Left is taking things up a notch. 

The shooter, a transgendered woman named Audrey Hale, has created a national discussion about the morality of transgenderism in America after her brutal attacks on a Christian school. 

Without any reasonable doubt, Audrey Hale killed six innocent people, including three young children, because of their Christian beliefs, which Hale and the majority of the Left despise. 

Mainstream media outlets are refusing to accept this reality and in recent days have spewed some gut-wrenching narratives and claims. 

But what NBC said shocked Christians across America.

Last Tuesday on NBC’s Hallie Jackson Now, host Hallie Jackson claimed that “the conversation is pivoting too, when it comes to some more conservative lawmakers, from changing gun laws to something like mental health, for example.” 

Other Republicans to anti-trans rhetoric or to calling this a hate crime against Christians,” she continued. “It seems like that’s where the conversation is, at least in the House of Representatives.” 

In this claim, Hallie Jackson shamefully casts doubt on the fact that this was a premeditated attack on Christians. 

Her guest, Sahil Kapur, added fuel to fire by adding, “yeah, there’s been a long list that’s evolved over the years where a lot of pro-gun lawmakers have been pointing the blame. It’s gone from video games, there’s a lot of talk about mental health, and alienation.” 

“Now, there’s some focus on the fact that the shooter was apparently transgender,” he continued. “But the bottom line is, Republicans don’t want to tighten gun laws, and as a result, a number of these other explanations are coming up.”

These disgusting comments from Kapur and Jackson prove that the Left is hellbent on disarming the American public and is not willing to even consider that gun control is not the solution to gun violence and mass shootings. 

Mass shootings will continue as long as Democrats refuse to accept the truth

Until leftists are willing to accept that their own hateful rhetoric and widespread severe mental health problems are behind these mass shootings, then they will only continue to happen. 

The sad truth is that many leftists are giddy at the prospect of seizing firearms from the American public. 

However, the Left must come to terms with the fact that banning assault weapons is not feasible in today’s America. 

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