Chuck Schumer is losing his mind over this creative GOP election plan in a new battleground race

For most of the year it looked like Republicans were going to enjoy a red wave this November. 

But then Democrats started making a comeback. 

But now Chuck Schumer is losing his mind over this creative GOP election plan in a new battleground race. 

Is Colorado in play?

It wasn’t that long ago Colorado was a stronghold for Republicans. 

But after years of concerted efforts, Democrats were able to make the state purple, and more recently, blue.

Today the Centennial State is also home to some of the most radical left-wing policies in the entire country. 

Bennet was narrowly elected – defeating then-future Congressman Ken Buck by just 1.5-points – during the Tea Party wave of 2010, an election cycle where few Democrats succeeded in competitive contests. 

2016 was a different story, Bennet sailed to re-election by 6-points, or about 145,000 votes, over then-State Assemblyman Darryl Glenn.

Since then, he’s had six more years of incumbency to build up his name recognition and pork brought back home to voters. 

All of that would seem to add up to incumbent Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet feeling pretty safe about his 2022 re-election prospects. 

But his Republican opponent, Joe O’Dea, turned this race into a real contest.

And Bennet hasn’t done himself any favors after he looked extremely out-of-touch by buying a single-day fishing license to pose as an “outdoorsman” in this ridiculous campaign ad.

Sorry, Bennet. But no one in their right minds believes you caught that fish. 

Now the latest poll out of Colorado shows the challenger trailing Bennet by just a single point. 

GOP Hispanic outreach efforts underway

The Republican National Committee just opened its first ever Hispanic Outreach Center in Colorado. 

It is located just north of Denver and sits in Colorado’s newly drawn 8th Congressional District. 

The District is considered a toss-up. 

38% of the voters in the district are Hispanic. 

Not long ago, that would have been bad news for the GOP. 

But poll-after-poll has been showing a mass migration of Hispanic voters away from the Democrat Party.

Now the RNC wants to make sure those voters come to the Republican Party. 

“This center is part of our party’s commitment to building relationships with the Hispanic American community,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said. “We are here for the long term. Democrats take Hispanic voters for granted and we want to earn every single vote.”

Could Hispanic voters give Chuck Schumer a demotion?

But the outreach center isn’t poised to just help the GOP in Colorado’s 8th District. 

About 20% of Colorado voters are Hispanic – and that formerly blue voting bloc could be the deciding factor in the Bennet vs. O’Dea race, and even determine whether or not Chuck Schumer is majority or minority leader come 2023. 

A recent poll from UnidosUS found 63% of Hispanics in Colorado believe the United States is on “the wrong track.” 

The same survey found only 40% percent of Hispanic say the Democratic Party “would be best at addressing issues they’re concerned about.”

The RNC’s new Hispanic Outreach Center could help make sure the other 60% show up and vote for O’Dea on election day. 

Who will win the U.S. Senate seat in Colorado in November?