Chuck Schumer’s latest miscalculation exposed Democrats’ cowardly new Midterm strategy and opened himself up to legal issues

You know Democrats have lost when they begin to turn to their deep experience with dirty, underhanded tricks.

But with the 2022 Midterms just a few months away and Democrats still struggling mightily, they’re beginning to get rather sloppy.

And Chuck Schumer’s latest miscalculation exposed Democrats’ cowardly new Midterm strategy — opening himself up to legal issues as a cherry on top.

Revealed: Democrats newest pathetic and cowardly Midterm strategy

As the old saying goes, when you can’t beat them, join them.

For Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), that saying is taking on a whole new meaning as Democrats desperately attempt to hang onto power in Washington, D.C. after the 2022 Midterms.

As reports have indicated, a SuperPAC associated with Schumer recently attempted to promote a right-wing candidate in Colorado’s recent U.S. Senate Republican Primary, but it all blew up in his face in the most epic way.

According to reports filed recently with the Federal Elections Commission, Senator Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC funneled over $4 million to a single-candidate political action committee called Democratic Colorado, which was formed just four weeks prior to Colorado’s June Primary.

In fact, Senator Schumer’s PAC exclusively funded Democratic Colorado, whose only political activity in their few weeks of existence was to run ads promoting Colorado State Senator Ron Hanks.

Democratic Colorado spent the $4.1 million given to them by Schumer’s PAC to run ads claiming State Senator Hanks “was rated one of the most conservative members in the State House” and “wants to ban all abortions,” according to The Daily Caller.

But why would Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, one of the most powerful Democrats in America today, spend over $4 million to promote a right-wing candidate at a time when his Party is fighting to maintain their majorities?

Well, it’s actually rather simple.

You see, Colorado state Senator Ron Hanks was in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 to hear then-President Donald Trump speak at a rally, and then went to the Capitol after said speech, albeit to just stand outside.

Therefore, in the eyes of Democrats, like Chuck Schumer — and ultimately the corporate-controlled media once Democrats give them their marching orders, of course — that means Hanks is one of those “insurrectionist Republicans” they’ve been yelling about.

Senator Schumer’s plan was to spend millions of left-wing dollars to support Republican candidates Democrats believe are vulnerable to their attacks (ie. banning all abortions), or can be touted as “evidence” to advance the Left’s “Republican insurrectionists are out to destroy democracy” narrative.

This is essentially nothing more than Democrats choosing to actually do exactly what they accused the Russians of doing in the 2016 Presidential election — interfering in elections with misinformation.

From a shrewd political strategy standpoint, if it wasn’t so cowardly to not stand on your own radical agenda’s merits and, instead, use your financial resources to try to essentially infiltrate the opposing party, it would actually be pretty smart.

That is, if it actually worked.

But Senator Schumer’s grand plan to maintain power turned out to be a grave miscalculation that could have landed him in a few legal issues.

From shrewd strategist to . . . loser and potential criminal?

Senator Schumer’s plan may have seemed to be wise from his standpoint – after all, with the position Democrats are in, doing what they think will weaken Republicans is really all they have.

But it actually just further proved how out of touch Democrats are with everyone.

Despite Schumer’s millions, Hanks lost the Republican U.S. Senate Primary by nine points to a self-proclaimed “Republican Joe Manchin,” establishment Republican Joe O’Dea – the exact type of Republican you’d expect a Democrat-controlled, left-coast-adjacent state like Colorado would elect.

So what did Schumer do, you may ask?

He simply turned around and had his Senate Majority PAC – the PAC who exclusively funded ads promoting State Senator Hanks as a great conservative – released a statement attacking the establishment Republican, O’Dea, as too extreme of a conservative for Colorado.

“Joe O’Dea spent his primary campaign racing far to the right of Colorado voters and dodging tough questions, but he can’t escape his long record of hurting workers and saying one thing while doing another,” Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch said in a statement. “One thing is crystal clear: he would be nothing but a rubber stamp for Senate Republicans’ dangerous agenda to further restrict abortion rights and gut Medicare and Social Security. O’Dea is not who he says he is and he can’t be trusted to stand up for Colorado values.”

It doesn’t matter what the actual truth is, Democrats are always going to make their own “truth.”

And once that “truth” is either proven wrong or is no longer useful, they’ll simply create a new “truth” that they then pretend is reality and not the alternate reality they live in.

Usually, that comes without consequence too, but this time might just be different.

As The Daily Caller pointed out, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has already announced that it is filing an FEC complaint against Democratic Colorado for failing to appropriately include “a legally required disclaimer” on campaign materials.

NRSC chairman Rick Scott also alleged that Democratic Colorado didn’t properly divulge its donors and vendors, as well.

Needless to say, the $4.1 million Senator Schumer flushed down the drain trying to manipulate the results of Colorado’s Republican Primary might not be all his cowardly actions cost him.

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