Clarence Thomas is at wits’ end after the Supreme Court made this shocking move

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Most Americans learn about the importance of the three co-equal branches of government from a young age. 

However, Democrats have grown restless with the Supreme Court and have proven that diminishing its authority is among their top priorities. 

And Clarence Thomas is at wits’ end after the Supreme Court made this shocking move.

The Left will not rest until the Supreme Court loses its authority

When America’s founders drafted the United States Constitution, the establishment of three co-equal branches of government was integral to their vision for the future of the federal government.

Along with the three co-equal branches came a series of checks and balances designed to keep each other in line.

But much like everything else to do with the Founding Fathers, the Democrat Party has flatly rejected these principles as a direct result of the Supreme Court’s conservative tilt.

Eroding the power and authority of the Supreme Court has become a top priority for Democrats, evidenced by their calls to pack the Court along with claims that its recent decisions are “illegitimate.”

Most recently, at the bequest of Democrats, the Supreme Court established a code of conduct formalizing many of its policies and procedures.

Canon 1 of this newly established code of conduct claims that “a Justice should respect and comply with the law and act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

Canon 2 goes on to say that “a Justice should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence official conduct or judgment.”

Some believe that this is a direct swipe at Justice Clarence Thomas, who many leftists claim allows his family and religious beliefs to inform his opinions.

The Code then dives into more specific recommendations about particular situations and how to handle them.

Carrie Severino, President of the Judicial Crisis Network, reacted to this code of conduct by saying that “I doubt this Code will satisfy Senate Democrats and their liberal dark-money backers, as their campaign has never really been about ethics but rather intimidating a Court that it despises for being faithful to the Constitution.”

Democrats dream of a Supreme court that serves as nothing more than an advisory council

For most Democrats and leftists, the Supreme Court often serves as a barricade to the implementation of their radical agenda. 

Every time it rules against them, many democrats undermine the integrity of the federal government and the Constitution by decrying the Supreme Court as illegitimate.  

This is exactly what happened following the landmark Dobbs decision, which formally overturned Roe v Wade and sent Democrats into a tailspin.

Ever since this landmark decision, the Left has prioritized diminishing the power of the Supreme Court. 

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