Clint Eastwood stopped dead in his tracks when he heard this shocking news about his daughter

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Clint Eastwood has lived a long life of ups and downs. 

But this latest news could finally be what it takes to put Eastwood in the grave. 

And Clint Eastwood stopped dead in his tracks when he heard this shocking news about his daughter. 

Clint Eastwood has had one hell of a life

Most people hit the end of their life wishing they could have done more with their time on God’s green Earth. 

But when it comes to Clint Eastwood, there is possibly nothing more the legend could do with his life. 

No actor has had such a prolific career in developing their niche as the alpha male. 

You name the movie role Eastwood has acted in and you will see that he was the poster child for pure testosterone.

In The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Clint played the iconic macho man antihero as the “Man with No Name.”

Eastwood as William Munny, the outlaw killer with one last job, is as manly as you can get in Unforgiven

And how much explanation does the cultural icon Dirty Harry need. 

Even in producing films, Clint Eastwood is recognized as one of the best in the business. 

But Clint Eastwood’s life hasn’t always been filled with highlights.

Like all of us, not everything in his life has gone as planned. 

For one, Clint Eastwood has been divorced twice and rivals Nick Cannon in the amount of kids he has with different women.

He has at least eight kids acknowledged by six different women. 

Eastwood has also faced legal battles and has been sued for palimony and fraud. 

Not to mention, Eastwood has been shunned by much of Hollywood for his open support for Republicans like Mitt Romney. 

So it’s needless to say that at age 93, Clint Eastwood’s life has been filled with some highlights that he will never forget as well as gutter moments that he wished he did forget. 

But the iconic Hollywood tough guy just got some news about his daughter that nearly made him break down in tears. 

New addition to the Eastwood clan

Clint Eastwood’s youngest daughter and child with Dina Fisher, Morgan, gleefully announced that she was having a baby. 

Morgan posted a picture on Instagram with her fiancé Tanner Koopmans and the caption, “Our Baby.”

In the comments section, the family made sure to show their love. 

Scott Eastwood, Morgan’s brother and Clint’s son, commented that I “can’t wait to meet her!”

Morgan’s mom and Clint Eastwood’s ex-wife, Dina Fisher, commented on the post with “My baby [is] havin a baby!!!!!”


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You can definitely tell that they are all excited that a new addition to the family is on the way. 

But with Clint Eastwood already 93 years old, you have to think this grandchild may be extra special to him since it may be the last one he sees before he dies. 

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