CNN flat-out refused to report that the Nashville shooter was a radical trans with a vendetta against Christians

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The recent tragedy in Nashville was yet another example of a mental health system gone crazy.

But it gave the anti-gun zealots a new target and a new tragedy to exploit.

And CNN flat-out refused to report that the Nashville shooter was a radical trans with a vendetta against Christians.

Every time there is a shooting in America, the left-wing media goes on a rant about banning guns.

It’s almost as if they relish every shooting because it allows them to promote their leftist ideology.

Ignoring the real problem and getting people killed

No one disagrees that mass shootings are horrible tragedies that must be ended.

But there is massive disagreement on how to end them.

While leftists, Democrats, and some Republicans use every tragedy as a way to take guns away from law-abiding Americans, the fact is that these attempts do nothing to address the real problems.

In fact, they ignore real changes that could be made to help stop the killings.

Instead, the anti-gun zealots use every shooting to promote their radical agenda and put even more Americans in harm’s way.

But in doing so they always ignore a couple of very important facts.

First, almost every single mass shooting has taken place at a so-called “gun free zone.”

What “gun free zone” really means is a “free-fire zone” for criminals and the mentally insane who know that law-abiding Americans are left unprotected and unable to fight back.

Speaking of the insane and unbalanced

The other major problem is the mental state of almost every single shooter. 

Our nation is facing a serious crisis in mental health, but rather than work to fix it, the Left is promoting it.

Among the issues are those who consider themselves transgendered or “gender confused.”

These are people who are mentally unstable, unbalanced, and as it turns out, very dangerous. 

But in looking at CNN’s coverage of the Nashville shooting, you would never know that the killer was a transgender who had a vendetta against the Christian school.

Nowhere did they mention anything about the shooter’s self identification as a transgendered person.

Instead, CNN used the tragedy to push gun control.

But they weren’t the only ones. 

In fact, it got worse as the day went on.

The real crime is the “misgendering of the shooter”

MSNBC, the New York Times, and USA Today were among the publications to issue statements about the “misgendering of the shooter.”

One Twitter user even weighed in to say that “5 times @cnn misgendered. No correction. A mass shooting is horrible. Misgendering does not make anything better.”

That is what the media and left-wing activists were most concerned about after the shooting.

That six people died, including three little children, made no difference to the anti-gun zealots.

All they care about is finding a way to use the tragedy to push their radical agenda on the country.

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