CNN just admitted this depressing truth about Joe Biden

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Even the leftists at CNN are coming around to the reality of the situation.

It only took them four years.

And CNN just admitted this depressing truth about Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and his allies in the media were certain that weaponizing the government to indict Trump was a sure-fire way to guarantee victory in 2024.

But after three of the Democrats’ most partisan and trusted prosecutors filed four indictments that included 91 criminal charges for a combined prison sentence of 727 years, one thing became abundantly clear.

Donald Trump only grew stronger as voters saw through the sham and instead focused on Joe Biden’s performance in office.

CNN polling analyst Harry Enten told host Jim Acosta that GOP voters have collectively made up their minds that the charges were a partisan force and that more Republicans now support Trump after the indictments than before.

“The GOP base has made up its mind when it comes to these indictments,” Enten stated. “They don’t believe that Trump should have been charged with a crime. The vast majority believe that. And the fact is, it just does not seem like there’s any changing of their minds on any of this, no matter how many indictments there are.”

“But at this particular point, it is Donald Trump against the field. He has the majority of Republicans in his camp and it doesn’t seem like there’s any stopping him at this particular point, Jim,” Enten added.

The numbers back Enten’s position.

On March 31, before Soros-backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg became the first Democrat prosecutor to indict Trump, the former President stood at 45 percent support in the polls with Ron DeSantis at 30 percent.

But Trump’s support rose to 54.8 percent after four criminal indictments and he now leads the floundering DeSantis by nearly 40 points.

But even worse for Democrats, Enten referenced the latest Quinnipiac poll that showed Joe Biden only leading Trump by one point.

All the polling data shows Trump running better against Biden right now than at any point in 2020.

A one-point Biden lead represents a three-point shift to the Right from 2020.

Enten explained that means Trump is likely leading Biden in every swing state that counts.

“The polling indicates that Trump is, in fact, in a stronger position at this point than he was during the entire 2020 campaign, according to the national polls. If we had state level polling, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Trump were ahead in the swing states that are most important,” Enten concluded.

Like every election with an incumbent President, 2024 is a referendum on how the voters feel about Biden’s time in office and the mood on the economy.

And the Real Clear Politics’ polling average shows Joe Biden with a 41 percent job approval rating and an even more dismal 38 percent approval rating on the economy.

That’s why, no matter how many times the Democrats indict Donald Trump, his poll numbers against Joe Biden are unaffected.

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