CNN just revealed one brutal truth that Liz Cheney refuses to believe

Liz Cheney represents the most conservative state in America.

But instead of fighting Joe Biden’s socialist agenda, Liz Cheney made Donald Trump her number one enemy.

And CNN just revealed one brutal truth that Liz Cheney refuses to believe.

RINO Liz Cheney currently represents Wyoming’s At-Large Congressional District.

In both 2016 and 2020, Wyoming delivered Donald Trump his largest margin of victory nationwide.

After the people of Wyoming elected Liz Cheney to serve as their “Republican” Representative, she stabbed Wyomingites in the back and joined the Democrats’ war against Donald Trump.

Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump and then turned around and happily agreed to serve as the Vice Chair of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Witch Hunt committee.

Wyoming GOP vs. Cheney

Liz Cheney’s actions infuriated Wyoming Republicans.

Numerous local Republican groups in Wyoming, along with the state GOP, passed resolutions censoring Liz Cheney.

Last November, the Wyoming GOP officially voted to no longer recognize Liz Cheney as a Republican.

Cheney is up for re-election this fall.

And her conservative betrayals have resulted in a primary challenge from attorney Harriet Hageman, who also has Donald Trump’s full endorsement.

Wyoming Republican Primary

Wyoming’s Republican Primary will take place on August 23.

After Donald Trump declared Liz Cheney the number one RINO he wanted to take out this year, conservative groups and politicians from around the country rallied behind Hageman’s campaign.

Harriet Hageman is currently crushing Liz Cheney by as much as 30 points in the polls.

Not only that, but Cheney’s approval rating is 43 points underwater.

Liz Cheney realizes she’s in trouble, but she thinks Democrat voters will crossover and vote in the Primary to help her defeat Hageman.

She even sent a mailer out to Democrats in Wyoming with instructions on how they can vote for her in the Republican Primary.

Bad news from CNN

Of course, Liz Cheney’s obsession with attacking Donald Trump has made her a darling among Democrats and members of the left-wing press.

But CNN’s top political analyst, Harry Enten, just revealed one brutal truth about Liz Cheney’s chances in the August Primary.

After acknowledging that Cheney is adored by Democrats and the press, Enten warned that she “shouldn’t mistake adoring press coverage and bipartisan bona fides for popularity in the place where popularity matters most for Cheney: Wyoming.”

Enten then revealed a brutal truth that Liz Cheney refuses to believe about the upcoming Primary.

The vast majority of Wyominites are Republican.

According to data from the Secretary of State’s office, 71 percent of registered voters are Republicans.

Only 15 percent are Democrats.

That’s why Enten said Cheney will be disappointed if she believes Democrats will help carry her to victory over Hageman.

“Wyoming, though, doesn’t have many Democrats,” Enten wrote. “Yet Cheney has been trying to get the few Democrats that are there to cross over and vote in the Republican primary,” he continued, adding that “these statistics demonstrate that those efforts probably won’t do much for her.”

Enten concluded by saying “the statistics are daunting for Cheney heading into her August Primary.”

Liz Cheney is the favorite Republican of the leftists at CNN.

They adore her.

But even CNN knows Liz Cheney’s days in Congress are numbered.

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