CNN just revealed something surprising about Nikki Haley

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Nikki Haley’s Presidential campaign is off to a rough start.

The RINO former Governor of South Carolina is facing a skeptical GOP base.

And now CNN just revealed something surprising about Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley based the launch of her Presidential campaign on her race and gender.

In her announcement video, Haley listed her Primary qualification for the GOP nomination as her status as the daughter of immigrants.

And now leftists are attacking Haley for running on identity politics.

New York Times opinion writer Wajahat Ali claimed that Haley would “launder white supremacist talking points” with her campaign message.

And CNN’s Don Lemon claimed Haley could not serve as President because she was 51 years old and past her sexual prime.

On CNN’s low-rated show, The Lead, former Democrat Party operative and host Jake Tapper claimed Haley’s campaign brought out a racist side of the Left who would focus on her given birth first name of Namrita.

“You see some people on the Left noting that Nikki is not her original first name, I think it’s her middle name, and it’s not true. These are the same people who objected to whenever Republicans would say Barack Hussein Obama. There is a very ugly side of the Left that comes out when Nikki Haley runs for office,” Tapper began.

Democrat strategist Paul Begala agreed.

Begala bemoaned the fact that when it comes to Haley, Democrats could not stick to the issues and would instead attack her personally.

“Let’s just take her based on her ideas, and I might not like them as a Democrat, but Republicans might,” Begala declared. “But I think it’s a terrible thing to say about her.”

Of course, there is a reason why Democrats don’t critique Haley on policy and instead attack her race and gender.

And that is because Nikki Haley and the Democrats share a number of policy prescriptions.

When Nikki Haley was Governor of South Carolina, she agreed with Democrats on taking down historical symbols.

Haley did the gun grabbers a huge favor by killing Constitutional Carry legislation.

Haley sided with the woke mob in opposing a bill to ban biological males from using the girl’s bathroom.

During the 2016 campaign, Haley smeared Donald Trump as a voice of anger and opposed building a border wall.

After she resigned as Donald Trump’s United Nations Ambassador, Haley expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter rioters and claimed all Americans needed to feel pain over George Floyd’s death.

And the only policy plank Haley is campaigning on right now is copying Joe Biden’s support for a blank check for funding the war in Ukraine.

Democrats can’t criticize Haley on policy because there are few – if any – areas of disagreement.

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